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Widowed in 2010

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Comment by TimetoFly 10 hours ago
Hey Y'all. Often get emails with updates but have stayed quiet.
Have recommended this site often as it was a God send for me while in the
Middle of the storms of grieving. As the years go by I have thought of all
Yet not wanting to come back here as I fight to keep in the present and not
looking rear view mirror. Very grateful to have my husband supporting me even after he's gone. But can't believe I have not been hired anywhere. Have been running an Airbnb for
a bit that had been my biggest pipeline of income and social interactions. Have yet to find a friend to kick around with. All have older kids to travel with etc or have
found new loves. Grate to have the peace these years have brought about. Which makes it possible to help others in their times of loss. Isn't funny though how all the emotions etc can come at you out of the blue? This past Anniversary I had a family gathering that I looked forward to and planned for but when the day came I couldn't think straight as emotions just kept coming. Thankful to my older sister who is widowed as well as she helped me to feel less strange. Still was a great day with all but guess it was the reality of more losses to come as we all are aging and tomorrow is not promised. Our baby brother had just finished radiation for tonsil cancer so that point was even more poignant. Thank you all for being my blessing Angela and heart touch stones in this journey. Heart bows yo you all. Here if you need me...
Comment by crying 21 hours ago
Funny I was thinking about you the other day. Not sure why but I was. It was nice to read your comment. I will always remember you and the love you have for your wife. Take care of yourself Lisa
Comment by crying 21 hours ago
Hi dianne
You know I'm still around. Almost 7 years still not one ounce of sunshine to report. I'm just trying to make peace that I just won't have it. Never on this site. Maybe I should come back on... I just don't know
Comment by Macduff (Hal) yesterday

Hi Dianne,

I get an email when someone posts here so always want to respond. We all gave each other so much support during the intense years of 2010 - 2013 and beyond. Since I live in a continuing care retirement community with 450 residents many spouses die each year, so the long time widowers and widows are always here for ongoing support. We obviously have couples where one spouse is terminally ill, or have dementia, and we support the caregivers as well. Our counselor has a group, but a few of the rest of us go the extra mile to reach out to new widow/ers and those who know they will jin this group. 

Comment by Dianne in Nevada yesterday

Just saying 'hello' and doing a check in to see if any of my fellow 2010 wids are still hanging around here.  Always nice to get an update from those we got to know here in this group. Please share what's happening in your life these days.

My wedding anniversary (would have been #48) arrives next Wednesday and the death date follows a month later. Even after all these years, those 30 days can still have an impact. I started doing random acts of kindness on our wedding anniversary at #45 and that's been helpful. Haven't decided yet what I'll be doing this year.

I've retired and fill my days with volunteering - here in Widowed Village and for all of the Soaring Spirits programs. I was at Camp Widow in San Diego last weekend and got to see and meet some Widvillers there. I attend all of the Camps as the volunteer coordinator, so I'll be heading off to Toronto in November.  I lead a local widows group that meets a few times a month and I'm holding retreats in Folly Beach, SC and Las Vegas using the Brave Girls' Soul Restoration curriculum. Keeping busy and doing good things for others has helped me to heal. I still miss my Vern and know that I always will, but I've learned to appreciate the good things around me during this time of my life.

Comment by feelinglonely on February 23, 2017 at 10:46am

Macduff--Thanks for sharing the fabulous picture of your fur babies.  I am sure they help with the lonliness.  I do plan on moving to an over 55 development one of these days, but there is always something holding me back--now it is the hip replacement--dont know when yet--I am meeting with the surgeon to discuss on March 2.  I wish I would dream of my hubby--but I dont.


Cynthia--your volunteer job holding the babies sounds great.  I dont have any grandchildren and I am so jealous of my friends who are just starting --they all seem so thrilled.


It really sucks to go to all these doctor appts on my own.  When my husband was around, we did all those things together.  Moral support--I miss that,  But, the hugs and suggles are what I miss the most.

Take care everyone---thanks for being here---even after all these years.




Comment by Macduff (Hal) on February 22, 2017 at 8:01am

I am sorry to see old friends still here facing life alone. I’m in the same boat, but I have been lucky enough to have stayed physically healthy since Betty died. I know that when I finally end up in the hospital for something I will be cared for by strangers. 

At least where I live there are lots of widows and widowers, and couples where one spouse isn’t long for this world. We have a built in support system. I look back at what we were feeling and expressing here the first two or so years and see that those of use who kept posting were dealing with acute PTSD. I certainly was. I am still moderately depressed most of the time, and it has nothing to do with Trump. I find that I sleep “perchance to dream” about Betty. Sometime the dreams are sad and frustrating, sometimes happy, but either way  at least she is in them. My connection with Betty is also through the Westies who Betty loved so much. 

Comment by goingon (Cynthia) on February 22, 2017 at 6:41am

Celiya and feeling lonely -

I too had to face surgery without Don and I went though "who is going to help me?" I had major back surgery 3 years ago.  Someone suggested I call the university that is here in town and see if a nursing student would like the job, so I did and a lovely young woman who had just graduated with her bachelor's degree in nursing came and took care of me.  

It's so hard being without Don, and of course, we're all here because we all get it.  I volunteer at the hospital and hold babies in the NICU; the nurse was thanking me for helping and I replied "we all need to be held" and the first thought I had was "who's holding me?  No one."  And it sucked.  I hope your surgeries, when you decided to have them, go well.  

Comment by feelinglonely on February 22, 2017 at 3:56am

Ceilya--Tried to send you a message to your inbox but I guest I am not on your friend's list.  If you friend me, then we can talk privately.  I think I sent you a friend request??

It's so sad all the people who are affected by our loss--but not like us.  Can't believe it is almost 7 years and it still hurts so bad.

I went to an ortho who told me I definitely need a total knee repacement.  I am going to a surgeon next week to discuss my options.  Scared to death.

I am also here for you--anytime. 




Comment by ceilya on February 21, 2017 at 6:59pm

Kerryn and Joan, thank you both for your kind words and guidance.  I don't know if or how you can put your e-mail address on here but if you ever need me that is the best way to do it.  I try to get on here but I find myself getting here when I am hurting because it is the safest place to vent my frustration with Jim's death and all the circumstances that have come with it.  Yes we are in our 7th year and I sometimes feel like it was recent and other times I feel like it was so long ago.  When I take a day off work I put a dvd on of home movies just so I can see that smile and hear his voice.  I feel so badly for the grandsons he will never know and they will never get to experience Papa's wisdom for sports, building things, fishing and all the other things boys look for in their grandpas.  My brother tried so hard to step in for Jim and did a pretty good job with the boys and then he passed away a year and half ago.  How do I even try to mourn my brother when I am still hurting so much for Jim.  Every year I go away for two weeks to NY to my little hometown for vacation but this year I decided to switch and go somewhere just for me.  Still in the same area because it is familiar but not just surrounded by family and friends but a place to just to sit, read, think, walk and cry.  The second week back to visiting family.  

Joan I too need a knee replacement and I have the same anxiety of who the heck is gonna take care of me.  I don't want my son to be my caregiver.  So for now the cortisone shot will have to do and the knee brace.  I recently had some problems with my stomach and the doctor mentioned cancer.  A million things went through my head on NOW WHAT but thank God and friends praying for me all over the country it is not cancer and so I can move on to the next stage of life.   Gosh wish Jim was here ..  Know I am here for all of you as you have all been for me.  Thank you all for helping me figure out this daily struggle we call life.  Love you guys...


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