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The Love of my Life


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Comment by kimberly on March 22, 2014 at 4:49pm

Oh, such beautiful photos! The love and happiness you shared shine through each one.

Comment by Cristina on November 9, 2013 at 4:15pm

my roses, so beautiful, indeed.  The photo of the two of you in what appears to be wedding garb, is just so touching, the one wear he is looking at you with such love.  You can just see what a special man he was, and how awesome the love you shared.  My heart is with you as you walk this long road now. 

Comment by my roses on October 6, 2013 at 4:14am

My roses September 30th 2013

These photos are from 1996 when we first met -  up until 2013 when Wes passed away.  He was and is the Love of my Life. The gift boxes were one's I  hand -painted and gave to Wes in 1996.  We put all our love letters, Anniversary  and Valentine cards into these over the years.  It is amazing to see the whole of one's marriage in  24 photos. The one's  of me in 2013  show  the pain and loss and the effect on my health.  Went down to 8 stone in weight.  But I would do it all over again if it would make a diference and save his life.  So many people loved him.  Men and women wept at his loss .  A little boy of 12 who lived next door told me that he had heard about Wes and was so upset he could not cry.  Then he sat down on the garden wall and started to cry.  He said Wes had helped him understand the word Palandrome.  At school he was the only one who had got it right.  "But it was not me" he said... "it was Wes who told me.   I could not believe he had died and I had wanted him to teach me maths."  I asked if he would like a photo of Wes and he said yes.  So I gave him the order of Service with a lovely smiling photo of Wes on the front.  He took it and looked pleased to have a memory of him.  What a mature and compassionate little boy.

                                             EULOGY FOR WES   


                    I  welcome you all here today  to honour and celebrate Wes’ life.

                                     He was and is the Love of my Life.

                   His  integrity, love and faithfulness drew both men and women to him.

Many friends and his Doctors and nurses  have said to me “What a lovely man,”  others that he was a  precious man…. the very best.   The condolences pour in from overseas , the Eastern States,  and here.

People  who have only known him a few months want to celebrate his life.  He was a compassionate man and a wonderful devoted and loving husband.

                                                 A beautiful soul with a beautiful  face. 

Wes was skilled in many ways (maths, physics, computing, research - plus  carpentry and renovation.) Wes’s skill enabled many students to receive exceptional marks for the first time in their lives. When work became scarce  he went with me to work  overseas. Wes loved travel, music, and  film festivals, long walks by the river and the sea, while discussing the beauty around us.

Over the last 3 years he was drawn back to Christianity and began a search for a church to attend.  Many people came into our lives as a result of this – offering us help and friendship.  These Christians also enabled two important steps in Wes’ life. The first was achieved in September 2012 when we renewed our Wedding Vows before God.  Wes also wanted us to be water baptised and this was accomplished in December 2012.

                    He blessed my life abundantly.  I miss him and always will because love never dies.


Comment by my roses on October 6, 2013 at 3:47am

October 6th 2013

My  beloved Wes.  How much I miss you.  Your beautiful blue eyes, your smile, your sense of humour and  amazing warmth and love.   The handpainted gold boxes in the photo that I  painted for you when we first met are now filled with masses of passionate love letters, anniversary, Birthday and Valentine's Day cards covering all the years we have been together.   We travelled around the world together, people noticed our love and commented on it.  You drew people to you.  17 yrs later people said they thought we had just got married because there was so much love between us.   The song by Richard  Tauber called You are my heart's delight comes to mind as I write this. " You are my heart's delight and where you are I long to be. You make my darkness bright when like a star you shine on me."   All the beautiful words you wrote to me in your last Anniversary Card and Christmas  for 2012 Card are deeply moving.   You are my love forever.   We did more beautiful and joyful things in the first year after our meeting than I had done in 25 years before.

  You came into my life bringing unconditional love, passion, integrity and faithfulness - what an awesome set of gifts.The outside world does not seem to really grasp these values, to be able to trust you as a friend, lover, husband, love of my life was so life-giving.  We could not be separated and  will meet again on the Shores of the River of Life.  Darling one remember, I whispered this to you as you left - so peacefully. 

 Thank you for giving me so much joy and happiness.   Thank you God for bringing us together in that amazing way.  Only a week to meet  and  we did find each other.  I love you like I have never loved before and  believe that you are alive and that  we will be companions in heaven.  Three miracles occurred when you left... one I did not understand but I found it meant "I am the Way."   So you were taken to heaven because only the Lord could give that message.

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