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Comment by Lev on February 17, 2018 at 1:31pm

Hi Janet.  How are you doing? 

Your bead work is beautiful.  It looks like the beadwork that is sold to tourists at the Waterfront in Cape Town. It is very popular.  Woman are more inclined to wear colourful beadwork than the cold metals.  I particularly love the necklace with the pendant.  The other single beads strings with the cross and hope pendant is quite elegant.

We have a new president.  The crook finally stepped down after he realised that he only had a handful of bandits left to support him.  

Here we vote for a political party and the president is drawn from the  party who wins.  The leader of the party then becomes the president.  I must say that I am savouring this new relative calm. It is welcoming.  Angry people are so exhausting.

Today I started a two year community psychology course that is accredited by the UN.  It helps to keep my mind active.  And the research means getting out into the field in the mud so no time to dwell on sadness.  It helps to be  mentally exhausted.  It leaves less time for thinking sad thoughts.  I know that it won't stop my emotions from gently rolling down my cheeks, whenever.

How is Syeph?  She has not been around for some time.  Has anyone been to visit her?  I know that the USA is humungus but you seem to know each other.  At least that is my impression.  Please let me  know if you hear from her.

I am going to sleep.  I sat up most of last night doing and assignment.  I was meant to do it during the day but a friend visited.  She stayed for a few hours.  It was great fin in between the serious conversation. 

I hope I see you soon. I do come and look at your jewellry designs.  I appreciate you sharing your creativity. 

Wishing you a peacefully productive weekend.

God bless you.


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