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Blue bird grieves for its mate amazing photos of love and sorrow

My roses    

When A Bluebird Falls

Birds are so fragile and vulnerable. These amazing photos captured a drama with two of these little creatures that is every bit as poignant…

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Even baby Elephants grieve and cry real tears - poor little soul

My Roses

We are not alone in our grief.....

Look at this link for the story of this baby elephant who cries for 5 hrs after being rejected by its mother.

Newborn Elephant Weeps Uncontrollably After Mother Rejects Him.  The vets did not realise what was happening. …


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My Roses


This is the true story of a man grieving the Love of his Life...He has written 2 books.   I found it moving and as he spoke I was saying YES, YES THAT'S TRUE.   I found this because as a former counsellor I had  been looking at a new diagnosis of grief called Complex Grief.  The 'symptoms' were those  of a Love of your Life grief. But it was being seen as a new category of grief.  I felt deep within that it was important to find out more - because the grief feelings…


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My Roses

WOW WHAT WE DO FOR GRIEF....              

Just got an email from a Chinese Friend who is a surgeon and lost his beloved

about 18mths  ago.  I would like to honour him for his work.  He has volunteered in  Cancer clinics

and  helped another clinic develop new ways of healing cancer patients.

Recently  he began volunteering in the outback of Australia without any pay.  He said it kept his mind

off his loss. That he still missed her so much in…


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Missing your man? Feeling low? Want to feel healthier? Look at Male pheromines ladies

My Roses

So may of us feel we're ageing, long to be hugged and held. Lacking confidence and energy.

 Its been just over a year since my beloved passed away. He restored my life, we met 17 yrs ago - and it became a love of your life marriage. Loved the cuddles, the legs constantly entwined, if I sat up in bed reading a book, he would lie across the bed and my knees and look up at me. There was love, passion, fun, playful games, and just holding and gentle…


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My Roses                              This is a review worth reading

The Widow’s Handbook’ describes loss through poetry

By Bella English

  March 07, 2014

Carl Steinbaum was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer in December 1995 and died 10 months later. He was 58 and left behind his wife, Ellen, and their three daughters. College sweethearts, the couple married when she was 20 and he 24.



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My Love spoke to me on the 3rd May 2013



My roses: Darling Wes  how are you my beloved?

              I wanted to find the words to the Richard Tauber song

              “You are my heart’s delight and where you are I want to be.”

             I have missed you so much today….

Wes:      My beloved Darling  I am glad  to hear you today and I hear

              your words of love you say each day to me. But this is special

              because I can reply to you as you…


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To be with those we love

My roses

I was sent this today  and I hesitated to share it with you.  But something  in my heart said that we need to know and realise where we are now and how to find our hearts desire…to be with those we love.  We have hope but we need  to know  if its achievable. Also is there a deeper reason as to why we are going through all this?

Are we going to make it down the narrow road?  We are grief filled and suffering. I hope that something resonates with us all on a topic…


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My Roses

We need to know we are incredibly valuable to a harsh world.  We have gone through a horror journey and are changed forever.  We may not feel we have been very successful Grievers but Oh yes, we are special.  We are withstanding powerful forces that want to shame us, bring us into their view of what is right.  I  am filled with amazement at what the people in this Village are overcoming - however slowly.  We are being tested to the limit of our endurance and the limit of our …


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YOU ARE ALL I EVER WANTED Memories to get me through Christmas

Wes and I in 2010       Memories to help me get through Christmas


Wes wrote : To my Darling ( ……) Happy Birthday. I embrace you on this day and together we will embrace our glorious future.  All my Love…


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My Roses 
Update  on the Celebration that  I planned for Wes .  It was done last Monday 16th.  It started at  10am.  There were 9 of us  - one forgot the date,…

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Designing a Celebration for my beloved is now underway

My roses 

This is a song that was written about the loss of a loved one.  See this link.  Lyrics are " This is what it is like when the Sacred is torn from your life and you survive.It seems so unfair. This is what it is like to be held."

It was sent to me by a friend who was grieving the loss of a tiny baby.  But it applies to all losses of loved ones.

I am feeling…


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Visitors - how many have we seen in the past 8 days? More relevant who are they?

My Roses

Still not getting enough sleep, tossing around physically and mentally when I should be asleep. Got to thinking today about how many people had I seen in the last 8 days.  (Not people in shopping centres) but people I know. It wasn't many.

My count was 4.  How relevant or close were they?  One was a friend who went with me to a concert.  One was my gardener, who says he has my interests at heart. He talked for quite a while and then did some work for me. He is the man…


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My Love spoke to me in September - that our love will be greater than ever when reunited

My roses 1st December 2013  Just typing this new month is painful... the time is going so fast. I am sharing part of a talk which I had with my beloved in September .…Its all about love.

 I have sat down and spoken with him every month , as I have seen this year rush away. I have had a vision of him, his sister has had two visions.  There have been many other signs of his presence over these last 10 months.  But even with all this I have been so broken hearted.…


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Depression, happiness and raw chocolate

My roses  1st  December

 Dr. David Jockers

Brain research clearly shows that depressed people are dopamine deficient


The brain is run through an electrical circuitry that depends upon key neurotransmitters. Dopamine is associated with the ‘pleasure system’ of the brain and allows us to feel enjoyment and…


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Love and grief - and the hormone oxytocin

The Love of my Life

The Love of my Life

  My Roses 29th November 2013

How is the bond between people in love maintained? Scientists at the Bonn University Medical Center have discovered a biological mechanism that could explain the attraction between loving couples: If…


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My Roses  12th November 2013

Found this  article  called   SECOND TIME AROUND   by Marie Claire

ONE MARCH AFTERNOON IN 2010, I logged on to Facebook and glanced at my relationship status. My 42-year-old husband, Frank, had been dead for a month, but it still said "Married." Then, in a surreal, only-in-the-21st-century moment, I changed it to "Widowed." I hesitated, but I had to do it: No word but widow described what I was. Single said…


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My Roses - Australian Love Story ONE MAN'S LOVE FOR HIS WIFE

From  The West Australian October 15th  2013   by Pip Christmass 

(shortened version of the original article)

Love  fires late calling.

When Perth* war veteran Stan Hopewell turned 80, he picked up brush and started painting for the first time in his life.  But it  wasn’t a late-life sea change or sudden desire to uncover his hidden inner artist that impelled this unassuming octogenarian to put paint…


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Slide Image

"O My Father, I have moments of deep unrest -- moments when I know not what to ask by reason of the very excess of my wants. I have in these hours no words for Thee, no conscious prayers for Thee. My cry seems purely worldly; I want only the wings of a dove that I may flee away. Yet all the time Thou has accepted my unrest as a…


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The "Mourner's Bill of Rights" from grief expert Dr Alan Wolfelt

My roses 9th November 2013 

Let us be comforted by this knowledge and use it on our journey

Mourners Bill of Rights


The following list is intended both to empower you to heal and to decide how others can and cannot help. This is not to discourage you from reaching out to others for…


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