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October 18, 1986

A Letter To My Husband...

Hello!  Quite a bit has happened since you've been gone, so I thought I would just update you on some things.

Both girls seem to be doing well.  Lauren is 20 now and she spent her spring semester at the University of Austria in Graz in the study abroad program through her University. According to her pictures she posted on Facebook, it looks like she had a great time! She also maintained a high GPA while taking many of her courses in German overseas. She just started her junior year and is also working a part-time job tutoring international students in English.

Sara is now 16, had her braces removed recently and is already planning where she wants to go to college!  She said it has to be a University where she can major in Journalism and minor in Political Science and has to have a Chi Omega chapter. She went on the church youth choir trip to Chicago this summer, worked as a Junior Counselor at Brookhill and also attended a 9-day Young Leadership Conference in Washington, DC.

Since we all loved watching NBC News together, I wanted to let you know Ann Curry was replace by Savannah Guthrie on The Today Show in June 2012. Sara and I still watch Bryan Williams with the exception of when he was recovering from knee replacement surgery. This morning Kathie Lee announced that today is also her and Frank's 27th Wedding Anniversary!

Ziva left NCIS and Sara still tapes it every Tuesday night and watches it. Hawaii 5-0 has moved to Friday nights now this season and Sara and I watch it together. Sara and I saw the movie Argo with Ben Affleck about the Iran Hostage crisis. The first thing I said was that it was going to win the Academy Award for Best Picture. It did. The second thing I said was that you would have loved it.

In November you were inducted into the National Association of Farm Broadcasters Hall of Fame in Kansas City. The girls and I attended with my parents and Sean along with your parents and sister. Jonathan, Jawanda and Rachel also came to the dinner. Here is a picture from the banquet with your plaque.

Oreo really misses you and Lilly is still my "Guard Kitty". I just wanted to tell you we all love and miss you.


Our last picture taken together
Ashley Graham's Wedding
April 2012

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Comment by my roses on October 20, 2013 at 7:58am

my roses  20th October 2013   

He came in a dream 

Who is the man I walk with but who is not there.

Who is the man I awake to every morning and say

hello to his picture – but he is not there.

How do I see him everywhere, in the places where we walked before

Yet he is not there..


But suddenly on one cold morning after months of waiting

Who was that man that came to me in a dream and  found me

once again. 

I had wandered far and wide, in search of him who made

life worthwhile, whose heart beat with mine. But without

success and woeful tears .

Now everything rhymes.


But now I walked into his arms, enclosed in a familiar space

of love and  peace.  Resting against his handsome face

my head upon his shoulder placed.

Who is the man who hugs me now,  the light has returned

because he is here.

The man I  love has found me at last.  Restored all the pain of the

recent past.

 I know that  I need not fear about whether you are here or there.

For the mighty peace I felt   close to your chest.

Is the realisation that  I am blessed.

For who is the man I walk with now , the man I awake  to every

morning and say.  Beloved I love you .  I know you are here

For you came and you hugged me  and  I know you are near.


Comment by laurajay on October 19, 2013 at 9:08am

Mitch Albom,  author of many best selling  books  recently....has new book out in November  entitled"  Phone Calls From Heaven."   I look forward to reading it.  I often think is there were postal service or phone service to heaven it would surely ease up the struggle and stress of this grief. I frequently share  the current news with my  husband  though somehow I believe he gets  the news divinely in some manner...nice idea to keep channels open for communication.

Comment by my roses on October 19, 2013 at 2:00am

Diane   from my roses... Oct 19th 

Loved your wedding photo.  I think that writing updates for one's beloved is great.  I often updated Wes when I came home and just talked to his picture.  But soon after he passed away I decided I wanted to make a special time to sit down with him and talk.  I  told him this.  Then  I  chose a time and sat in front of my computer.  I began to type my questions or thoughts as if we were sitting in the same room.  I then got answers and so we discuss many things.  Some of the things he says are unusual but always full of love.  We sit down about once a month together for a long special talk  but there are the daily  I love you messages as one goes around the house.  The long talk takes about 3 hrs.  Sometimes he has said something and then an email arrives with a picture relevant to  his comment.  His  intention he says is to bring me  happiness.

Comment by my roses on October 19, 2013 at 1:49am

My roses  19th October


I agree with this.  Have often thought it would be good to have a postal service to heaven.  Nice to have a note from your beloved every day.  I  decided that  I wanted to talk with Wes and  spoke to his picture saying that I wanted special time to sit down with him.  I often updated  him with what had been happening during the day.   This time I decided to make a special time for us together and I would be at my computer so I could write down what was said.  I would ask him about things, what he was doing, just like you would at the end of the day.  I then typed up my question and  found I would get thoughts from him which I would also write down.  This  has continued and one day I went to a church Tarrying meeting.  You tarry and wait

to hear from heaven.  I had not done this before and did not bring a notepad with me.  I started to get some thoughts and had to write it  in my diary.  This was from Wes and  it took about 2 pages.    Many of the things he has said have been unusual, but they are always filled with love. 

Comment by only1sue on October 18, 2013 at 9:19pm

What a lovely idea.  I wish there was a postal service to Heaven, if there was I would write a letter every day. Dianne, you are doing well, looking after your girls and going on with life without him as best you can. 

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