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When Love Calls the Heart

Passing through widowhood is teary at best. Divorced and widowed is twice as hard.  One is as bad as the other when love calls the heart.

The night winds blow and loneliness surrounds you. Thinking out loud is a strange thing. The sound of your own voice echoing down the hall and back is almost creepy.  You fall asleep at the keyboard and your thoughts spill out in unintelligent keystrokes, and your reader thinks your nuts.  Tears are a dangerous thing to a keyboard, they can short out your thoughts.  You stare at the keyboard and think, for a long time........ what shall I say?  And you say nothing, no one know your there, not even you........  You find yourself in a far-away-place, in a time gone by, and it hurts to remember....... when love calls the heart.

She calls your name, plain as day, and you come out of a dead sleep wide-awake.  It's so real you can almost hear her footsteps coming back to bed.  There's no point of going back to sleep or even trying  You lay there for hours listing for her voice again....... when love calls the heart.

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Comment by Sleepless In Seattle on November 23, 2019 at 4:21pm

Thanks for the e-mail, I needed that.

Comment by laurajay on November 23, 2019 at 1:47pm

Thanks  Frank.  I've  emailed  you.   hugs   lj

Comment by Frank on November 23, 2019 at 12:28pm

Hi Sleepless,

I know we all can feel your pain.  We all are there or have been there.  One of our members suggested I might write you and that we could talk.  I live in  Colorado, at 10,000' elevation.  I'm in south, Park County CO and the nearest town to me is Como CO (pop 16).  Susan passed away in her sleep 6 years ago. It will be 7 years in December.  We were married for 35 years when she went to sleep on Sunday night and did not wake up Monday morning.  

Have you found the Heart Light Center?  Look it up on the Internet.  Its off Downing St.  Read the information, and if you have not, I would urge you to attend their meetings.  Between the HLC and WV the two saved me.  




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