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I was wondering if someone could help. I was widowed June 2017 and recently began dating... the guy I am seeing is super understanding and supportive. However, his father became a widower in January.…

I was wondering if someone could help. I was widowed June 2017 and recently began dating... the guy I am seeing is super understanding and supportive. However, his father became a widower in January. Do any of the widowers have good resources I can share with him? That would help him meet widowers in his age range (50-60s)?

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Comment by sunshine on April 1, 2019 at 6:29pm

Abel Keogh runs a widower site on facebook. 

Comment by MidnightBear (Tony) on March 27, 2019 at 2:22am

Soaring Spirits has multiple regional groups that may be appropriate to find people in various age ranges that share a common experience.  There is no guarantee of his age group being represented though.  Widowers tend to be less engaged in social groups than widows do so it may not be super easy to find someone in his age group that is engaged in a widower group.  But as mentioned there may be people in some of the hobby groups that would be appropriate.  I am not quite his age group but pretty close and I don't run into many people in this age bracket in widow meetups. 

Comment by Don on March 26, 2019 at 10:40am

I don't know where he is living, but I would suggest:

The Pen Pal program that Soaring Spirits has,

Also The National Widowers Organization has one as well

And finally has some awesome Meetup groups in different areas of the country. I belong to one I attend regularly in NYC and its become my social life (which will tell you about whats left of my social life) 

Try to get him to join widowed village also and join us in chat as well.

Hope this helps

Comment by barbee on March 23, 2019 at 6:55pm

You say your FIL is looking for widowers to meet. Sometimes language can be a problem. Does he want to meet men or women? I think of widows as women and widowers as men. If you mean meeting other men for friendship, I suggest he check out any hobby-type groups in his area. Senior centers, Home Dept, coin collecting groups, swap meets -- whatever and wherever other men gather. If his interest is in dating, my opinion, two months is much, much too soon. Grief takes a while to work through. In fairness to the women he meets, he should finish wading through the muck before he starts something new. Another idea to meet others who are grieving is to hook up with Griefshare or a similar group. Some churches and many hospice groups offer these or can point you all in the right direction.

I waited 2 1/2 years before starting to date, then found a wonderful man who had been widowed for 12 years. Last month we celebrated three years of being together. We still have grieving times -- his wife's birthday and death date, my husband's birthday and death date, and our wedding anniversaries. We both had been married almost 50 years and that's time and experiences that need to be remembered and honored forever.  The best to you all.

Comment by laurajay on March 23, 2019 at 12:27pm

Well, this  ( WV)  is  NOT a dating  site at all. But  typical  places  to meet  people  especially  your  father-in-law's  age  would  be  church  groups,  volunteer groups like  hospice,  veteran groups like  VFW,  other  widow groups locally  where  he lives.  This is  not  a place for  match making  but  suggest it  if he wants   support  for  dealing  with grief  of losing  his wife.  People  are  here  to give and  receive  support to one  another.

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