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I am a bird,laying on the ground, hurt or dazed. My mate is dead beside me.  Many people just walk by me not even noticing me.  Others see me but hurry by. A little boy takes a stick and pokes me.  His mama says leave it alone, and they walk on.  A young man picks me up and tosses me in the air, and says "you're OK, just fly, you'll be fine. Just do it".  I fall back to the ground.  He walks away mumbling, "stupid bird".

A little girl picks me up and takes me to a bunch of grass she has pulled up.  A nice cozy spot.  She leaves me there,alone.  I am needing to go back home, now.  I start back, but get tired out.  I feel worse than before.  A kind old man brings me some water and a few bugs.  I eat them, and he puts more in front of me.  I eat those too.  He tells me he will take care of me, and soon I will be fine.  He says he knows how I feel and soon I will be fine, my old self.  Good, because I think I will never feel better.  He brings me bugs and water for 3 days.  Then says I am better, and leaves.  Now I am hungry and away from my nest and missing my mate.  A guy with a broom dumped him in a baggie and took it away.  

Now stick boy is back, minus his mum, but with a couple chums.  They decide I need exercise, so they have me walk back and forth for awhile.  Poking me with a stick when I stop.  A lady tells them,"can't  you see that bird needs rest!" The boys run away.  She picks me up and starts walking.  Far away, to a big building, and a cage with a towel over  it.  "Sleep little birdy,sleep" she sings, as she closes the cage door.  

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