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It has been 27 months since Cindy passed. Overall, things are going well. I am grateful for that. My son and daughter are doing well. We are a connected and engaged family.

I think about Cindy and feel close to her so often. Two truly do become one, especially after 37 years of friendship and 27-1/2 years of marriage. We had an amazing and eventful life together.

I was in a relationship for 7 months. She is a very beautiful and a very kind woman. Things went well and so many questions about my “new life” were answered. Ultimately we were just too different. Some people were surprised that I ended that relationship. There were so many good aspects to it.

Dating has been easy, so to speak. I’m 58 years old. There is a shortage of eligible men in my age group. I guess that I am considered to be a “good catch.” It is easy to meet women and it appears that they respond well to me (at least initially). I wasn’t the most confident person when it came to women prior to marriage. So it is quite the new experience to have confidence on overdrive and to have so many people that would be interested in going out with me.

Still trying to figure all of this out. I do well by myself. I’m not lonely or bored. I do lead an active life. I think that for now, I need some solitude and freedom. I do enjoy my alone time on the weekends. Right now I do have some doubts that there will be another long-term relationship in my life. I am open to it. I will continue to accept introductions. I will probably focus more on other aspects of my social life now as opposed to dating. Of course, in my “new life” this is all subject to change on rather short notice.

In closing, I am grateful for much both internal and external. Wishing the best for everyone in our community.

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Comment by Barbie Doll on October 5, 2014 at 11:00am

Happy to hear you are doing well Mac.  Time will tell if there is another person out there to share the rest of your life with.  You are right about it being easy for men to date.  Most of the women I know have yet to have their first date.  Even if we are starting to feel we are ready for dating there seems to be a short supply of available, honest men:)  So…enjoy your status, single or coupled:)

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