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After many interesting contortions, I got my house.

It really is just perfect for me. Howard wouldn't have done nearly as well there, but I absolutely love it.  It has just everything I could have asked for.

It has orange, lemon, and a mystery tree that I had initially thought might be some sort of tangerine but ended up being the world's smallest grapefruits. I'll be adding lime, so I'll have the full compliment of citrus that I'll use in cooking. I'm looking forward to just being able to run outside and grab a lemon or whatnot from the tree, bring it in, rinse it off, and use it to cook with. I've already made lemonade.

I'm north/south facing, which is good. Block wall in back. RV gate. Security doors on all external doors. A separate exit from my room to the back yard. A charming little patio off said back yard that already has a little rose bistro set on it that I got. A lovely fireplace. An add on room which is just entirely surrounded in windows that will be PERFECT as an art room with all the natural light. But the original arcadia door is still there, so I can actually close off that art room from the rest of the house in the summer when it gets hot. Add ons are never cooled as efficiently.

I have a garage. In addition to the washer/dryer, I have a laundry sink! You can go from the awning covering the side RV storage, through the side door to the garage, and right to the laundry sink, so I can do banner painting projects outside, then bring them and wash them out without ever having to actually track it through the house. Likewise, I can wash my silk sheets in the laundry sink, then bring them around back to where I've set up the retractable clothesline without bringing wet laundry through the house.

There were bushes out front along the walk, which were removed for me. I've already ordered in the roses that will be going there. There's a lot more roses to add, but this is a start.

The kitchen is a bit small, but totally fine for me. The garage is right there, so I can use extra storage out there for things like the appliances I don't use all the time, but still want nearby. Not currently active, but the house actually has gas lines in place. So, down the road, I can actually contact the gas company to get that hooked back up and replace the current stove with a gas stove. Yay!

I'm planning on adding a pergola on the side of the house with roses trained over it and probably a little water stream/pond type thing.  I've always wanted a little bridge over a small stream in my yard.  I'll add it in time.  

There's plenty to upgrade and change over time, enough to keep me occupied for some time making everything "just right". But I'm just thrilled with it. It's mine, with no ghosts around every corner. I had friends over the first night, before everything was moved in, and we sat on the counters and had pizza and wandered around the empty house. And I've had people over helping me unpack and get settled in. It's home, and it's mine.

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Comment by barbee on January 22, 2017 at 3:48pm

This reminds me of what I did soon after my husband died. I moved to another city and created a colorful, comfortable house just for me! You should do well. Congrats to you for finding yourself again!!!

Comment by vintage56(barb) on January 22, 2017 at 9:30am

Congrats! wish I could find a nice house like that!

Comment by Callie2 on January 21, 2017 at 6:31pm
Sounds nice, I'm sure you're very excited. Best wishes in your new home!

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