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Waiting is:

hard, difficult, risky, confusing.

It feels like a heavy bag to carry sometimes and other times, it's weightless.

Waiting for results, waiting for responses, waiting before making a decision that alters your future. 

Am I waiting for someone to rescue me from this cocoon I've wrapped myself into?  Or can I burst out from it by myself?

How do you know when you've waited long enough? Can you wait too long? Is there such a thing as over-waiting?  

I'm waiting to find out my job assignment for next year.  

I'm waiting for "free time" to sort through memories and long forgotten boxes of things I thought I couldn't live without. 

Having patience is not the same as waiting.  My tolerance for other people to pull themselves together seems unlimited but I'm harder on myself.  

I want to know the deadline.

And there it is- the word dead.  

He's dead.  No more waiting for him to return.  I'm waiting to return to him but I know my job isn't finished here. 

So I wait. And wonder.  And try to figure out this life I have now. 

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Comment by laurajay on May 22, 2015 at 4:52pm

b4b...your post brought this to mind for me.  I waited on the Lord.  He inclined unto me.  He heard my complaint.  I am at 3 yrs and still wonder and still wait as I go from day to day.  Most of all when I think I have done everything I can do as a widow and am at a standstill...the Word reminds me  " Having done all...stand."  So I wait now on the Lord aware that his timing is eternal and my wanting  everything answered and all my ducks in a row NOW  is not going to happen.   It gives me a different perspective about all my waiting  and it  expands my understanding .  I am amazed  just how long this whole grief process is taking but since time is endless,  my soul says it's  OK.   Thx for your post that triggered my thinking anew.   lj

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