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Did you ever have a day so bad, you just feel like "crying in your beer"? This is not due to grief but is kind of related, if he were still here, these things would not happen. Plumbing problems. Have several and looking for a good plumber right now. Well, this AM while I was still half asleep, heard what sounded like a small explosion of sort. Also, a metal scraping sound. When I went around surveying this morning, all I found was my snow shovel lying in front of my car. That's strange, I thought. Went out again and now I see--my copper pipes split, the water line for my outside water! Now they were drained and turned off for the winter and both valves wide open. Just had pipe relocated last spring as I had it burst last year. The plumber relocated to the inside wall, but hey, it got cold last night. There shouldn't have been water in it! If that weren't bad enough, there is water dripping around my vent pipe in the basement and it looks like the wall needs to come down in order to reach an "elbow" of some sort. This event has pushed me to the edge--holding on only by my fingernails! I am trying my best to remain calm, but given the day is Valentine's Day, my mind has been a wondering. No flowers or candy for me, just a burst pipe!

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Comment by Ladybug on February 20, 2016 at 12:59pm
Sorry about your "gift". I hate plumbing issues, so did my late husband but at least he knew what to do. I think men just know. Hope you are having a better day.

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