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(This was an entry I wrote out in the end of January 2014. I find in comical now, but I was so pretty mad when I wrote it out. )

I got a call from my best friend to please come with her and her husband to a company 50th birthday gathering.  She didn't want to sit by herself at the function and her husband would be busy with coworkers.  So, hesitantly, I agreed. Most of the night was easy.  Light conversation with people at the table we shared.  Later in the evening, after most had consumed many drinks, the man who was turning 50 sat down at our table to talk to the people he knew.  He asked three of the guys at the table if I was their wife.  Once he had figured I wasn't attached to any one particular, he did the most repulsive thing.  Got out a dollar bill  and announced at to the table, "since she's not anyones wife she must be the stripper!!"  

I was completely horrified and embarrassed in front of these people.  The table laughed except for my best friend and her husband, who were mortified that he said something like that to me. Before my friends husband could come to my defense I lost my cool for the first time in 7 months.

I got up and walked over to the "birthday boy" and said very calmly, "The reason my husband isn't here tonight is because he died on the side of a road at the age of 36, seven months ago. He will never get to celebrate his 50th birthday like you asshole.  The only thing you will have in your lap tonight is your own beer." and I tapped the edge of his bud light to fall over on to him.  "Happy 50th birthday. I'm so glad you're alive to enjoy it."

I immediately left the party and cried in my car.  I actually felt good and bad.  I felt good because I let out some anger towards a creep, but I felt bad because I don't ever say mean things.  It's not in my character to make someone feel bad, EVEN when they completely deserve it.  However, I know my husband was smiling down on me that very moment and saying, "F$#@ Yeah! that's my woman!"

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Comment by IndiaKai on April 3, 2014 at 1:27pm

I don't feel bad now.  I look back on this today and i'm glad I said what I said to this man.  He deserved it.  What a creep.  I remember another guy at the table said before I got mad, "Don't take it personal sweetheart. We work in construction and he's celebrating his birthday". Don't take it personal?  Ick.... Just because your in construction doesn't give you pass to be a creep and treat women with disrespect.  Plus, he aimed his drunken idiocy on a woman who had had enough of people's stupid comments.    

I too miss Toby very much. My heart hurts. I'm very lonely. I rarely dream, which frustrates me because I'd love to dream of him.  

Comment by Hanh on April 2, 2014 at 10:23pm
Hi IndiaKai, I am sure your husband would say that (with pride)! "That's my babe, that's my woman"! The birthday boy did deserve that. I remember once my husband and I went shopping, a seller (boy) asked me: "how could you handle him, he's big man". I looked straight at him and said:"Boy, it's not ur business". I told my husband later and he said: "Good on ya babe" :). I should have told the boy: "I enjoyed it very much" too hahaha
5 weeks today, still miss my John terribly. Dreamt about John last night, felt him close in dream brought me a bit comfort.
Blessing to you IndiaKai :x

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