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Am I truly a widow             Robin                     11/30/2007         Rob

Bad Ass Widow                   Amy                        6/17/2009           Keith
Barb                                 Barb                       01/10/2011         Rich
Blueeyes2114                    Kim                        06/22/2007         Nick                

Breckysue                         Breckany                09/10/2011          Adam

Carolynne72                      Carolynne               06/28/2011         Rodney          

Cec                                   Cec                        02/17/2010         Carlos

Chris_NC                           Chris                      3/25/2011           Nickey

Dadoffour                          Floyd                      3/18/2008           Deb

Dan                                   Dan                        4/29/2011          Laurie   

Debbie                               Debbie                   5/14/2011           Jimmy   

Denise                                 Denise                    6/11/2011           Jody
Dianne In Nevada               Dianne                    9/22/2010          Vern

DoranD                              Doran                     07/02/2011         Cyndie             

Fredb 62                            Fred                       07/07/2010          Su

Gail                                    Gail                       05/15/2011         Travis

Jamespinnick                      James                    03/30/2009         Jennifer 

Jean                                   Jean                       11/23/2010         Mike

Javier                                 Javier                     08/08/2010         Paloma           

Jen                                    Jennifer                   06/02/2008         Allan

Joe's Jenn                          Jenn                        08/29/11            Joe

Jmstls                                Joyce                      10/11/2011         Tom

Judy                                   Judy                       09/26/2011         Justin

Lee                                     Lee                        05/16/2011         Madeline             
Lost Lamb                           Lisa                       05/14/2011          KC
Lvgma                                Jackie                    10/22/2010          Danny
Marsha                                Marsha                   01/19/2011         Bruce

melhofmann                        Melanie                  10/14/10             Chris

MissHim11                           Crystal                   03/12/2011         Jorge

MsKris                                  Kris                       02/02/2011         Steve                 

New Start57                          Lori                      12/14/2005          Michael
Nextstep                               Kaye                     12/16/2010
North54                                 Sally                    10/10/2010          Arn

SallyStarre                             Rose                    03/12/2011          Russ

SewPatti                                Patti                     07/12/2011          Tim

Shadow and cloud                   Dawn                                              Keith
Singledadof9                          Rich                      08/04/2005         Joanne                     
Susan                                     Sue                      07/25/2009         Keith                     
Tomrestored                           Tom                      06/11/2010         Barbara

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Comment by Dianne in Nevada on November 27, 2011 at 9:42pm

Tanya asked me to re-post her Chat Friend List so it can be seen by everyone.  If you'd like your information added to the list or if any changes need to be made, just post the information here as a comment.

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