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I have had a lot of time to think about Christmas. I have learned that Christmas is not about the gifts, toys, decorations or money we spend but about the birth of Christ. We all have lost a loved one but we also have a reason to celebrate the birth of a child if we for one minute put our grief aside and remember the true meaning of Chirstmas.

I am having a really hard time with Mr. God right now but I do know that Christmas is and should be celebrating the birth of Christ not for grieving for what we don’t have but what we do have, our children, farmily be them immediate or extended and our friends. Our loved one is gone but we are still here to carry one. Christmas is about Christ and sharing.

Many of you have lost a loved one on Christmas Day but we don’t decide when he calls them home. We need to really think about the true meaning of Chirstmas and what it means for each of us. I lost my husband on November 1st of 2011 but to me and I will choose to celebrate the birth of Christ and know that he is with me in this journey even though I have my doubts about him some times.

Mr. God is by my side in his own way and that is all I need to know. I am thankful that he gave me 25 plus yeas with my husband, but that he also gives me this time to stop and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas and the time Jim and I had together. I always wondered how my grandmother handled Christmas after she lost her husband and we were grown and gone, but tonight I think I understand a samll part of it. I know I will never understand it all but I do know this, that I am surrounded by friends and extended family that love me for me and that is all that really matters.

Just my thoughts on Christmas and what the true meaning is. Wishing you all Peace and Hope in the coming year.
God Bless us one and all.

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Comment by Lori on December 17, 2012 at 5:55am

thank you janet it is so true and ash is right

Comment by Morgana (Janet) on December 16, 2012 at 11:50am

@Ash.  That's just it, Ash, you said it very well, Christmas should be in our hearts all year not just Christmas day.  No one should get flak because they decide not to decorate or celebrate Christmas like others do.  To me, how you celebrate Christmas is a personal choice.  If you don't decorate, is it really going to make a difference to Willow?  Whatever you decide to do is what is best for you not what others think or say.

I am thankful for WV and the people and friends I have here.  This is a very difficult time of year for all of us and for all who have lost a loved one. 

Some times we just have to stand still and hurt - The Christmas Hope

(((HUGS))) to everyone here in WV.



Comment by hendrixx2 on December 16, 2012 at 11:50am

Hi ((janet)),

Thank you so much for reminding us that this day is, and always will be about more than something we try to make it; it has a great, pure meaning all of it's own, and it may do us well to try and remember that. I too can be grateful for all i have in my life today, and for all that i have been may be hard to do among all the ads, lights, music and such, but realizing that the true spirit of Christmas lies not in the gifts we may give to one another, but that spirit resides in our hearts, is something we can give to ourselves...and is something we can share as a present to others ever day of our lives...thank you sweet lady for posting...Peace

Comment by bj628(Bonnie) on December 16, 2012 at 9:41am


 Wishing you peace and hope in the New Year.

 I am Thankful to have met you and so Many here. The perspectives and thoughts of others have helped me on this new journey.  love ya

Comment by Blue Snow on December 16, 2012 at 7:24am

This is such a hard time of the year! Wishing you Peace and Hope right back at you.  {{{Hugs}}}

Comment by Kim on December 16, 2012 at 5:17am

Thank you Janet for posting this.. Love you .. Peace be with you..

Comment by Ashleigh on December 16, 2012 at 4:45am
But Janet. Christmas should be in our hearts all year not just Christmas day.
I have caught flak for not decorating. People miss soo much when they say oh well this Christmas will be tough when they are makin it all the more tough to deal with. My husband being gone is tough to deal with. Raising a child on my own tough. The fact he left us on christmas. Tough.
The criticism I receive for not doing this or that For few if any presents and no tree. It is worse much worse. I have argued with people. But ultimately I know I do my best and take care of my kiddo.
It isn't going to hurt her to celebrate Jesus Christmas and AND every other day for the lord with out making a big Santa Claus deal out of it. :). Mr God expects us to struggle he understands our disappointment anf frustrations and always remember and never forget God did not create death. He created us to live and be perfect. :) have a great day

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