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The auction company came and removed everything. It cost way more than it should have for them to pick it up, but it's out of the house, at least. They told me not to expect an overly large check. Honestly, I wasn't expecting a large check. I'm mostly just glad to get anything for it and to get it out of the house. The money is a very welcome bonus, but not the main motivation. There's a few larger things that I need to find homes for, and there was another large round for Goodwill, but it's largely cleared out.

The storage room was then clear, so I was able to move the stuff in the Arizona room to the store room (mostly holiday stuff), freeing up the Arizona room. That is now being used for random storage of things that I want handy, but don't need to be inside. Some serving dishes, my cake decorating stuff, larger roasting pans, that kind of thing.

Almost everything not art room is now out of my art room and in the spare bedroom. The office is now an office, with only a small amount of minor clutter. This week will be clearing the last bits of clutter from the art room and office, then going through the stuff in the spare bedroom and moving what doesn't need to be inside in to storage. I'll work on painting that room once that's done - it'll be easier to do before there's much furniture in there. One wall is getting a replica of the Haunted Mansion creature face wallpaper. The other three walls are getting the lighter of the two shades of purple used in that, and the entire guest room will be Haunted Mansion themed.  I briefly considered redoing my bedroom in Haunted Mansion, but for now, I'm sticking with the guest room.  I haven't ruled it out.

I survived our Halloween party, though it was painful. On the plus side, I did determine that sufficient quantities of rum will indeed counter my anxiety.

I invited the kids over for Halloween, and it looks like I should have about ten or so people over. That will make me actually put up the decorations and give me people around me. That's better for me than moping by myself. So I'll need to do at least a little bit of decorating and prep, but thankfully, most of that goes quickly. The things that are a bit more time consuming, I can at least do parts ahead of time - get the wiring in place, etc. But the animatronics and whatnot don't go out until Halloween night.

So that's about the state of it. Still keeping on keeping on. One day at a time and all that.

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