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Its been 10months and while I don't cry as much and have accepted he is gone what remains is this need to find a foundation and to build a life for myself without him. I go through the motions...joined groups, met widows, spend time with family, etc. etc. but  what remains is a fragment of what my life was like with him. I died with him. Now  I want to carry on and find peace and a measure of contentment but where to start...what will make my life feel like it makes sense? I do not know but I refuse to give up. Each day I will continue the journey. I read somewhere that there is no path...your feet make the path. So, I keep on experimenting with what feels good or is meaningful. I pray I will know who I am in the future. This is so tiring.

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Comment by deaf widow on May 14, 2016 at 12:37pm

I understand the feeling of "tiredness", Hope.  Trying to make a life after loosing the one we loved is VERY hard.  We pray, we hope, we keep on truckin'...every morning hoping to move forward as our mates would have wanted for us.  Every morning, I wake up saying "another day...another dollar" and maybe a happy day today!  Love ya, Hope and I am sending you lots of ((Hugs))!  May tomorrow be a better day for you.

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