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Dad has passed My work partner is Not doing well, ad My Boss is an Ass

Here I am December 16th 2018..  IN June  I finally Got Rid of the wicked one out of my house. and   had the Entire upstairs Decontaminated. and bought myself a New bed. I am Now averaging 4 hours a night of sleep after almost 4.5 years of 1 hour a night. I Finally opted  to take  My vacation time in Augest.

 out in the Ozarks of MO.  it was amazing. however  I cut my 20 days vacation short 10 days, when my work partner called  that his mom may Die Before the weekend.  I drove 2 days  to get home to Cover for  him at work. His mom Died  that sunday .. I got back monday  and was able to attend her Funeral on Tuesday.

 Needless to Say  He has not returned back to work  as of this date. the last week of November    he was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor..  1 week later   I took off from work. to be with his sister and GF   he underwent 19 hours  of rain surgery to remove  an Orange size Tumor...    since   He has Undergone  2  more 6 hour operations. To plug a few air leaks, and drain  Fluid. he has still not awaken.  October 12th 2018  My Father passes   away...  the crazyness  does Not stop.  I am writing this   while here  in Florida. Helping mom out. I took  3 weeks vacation for 2018.. My boss says  If I take vacation   do not expect to have a job when I get back...   more stress... My Blood sugar the past 2 days has been over 300.  No Idea what my BP  is. I have determined that I will continue my Life alone.  Its so hard to date in   your Late 50's      now  that dad is gone. My mother   Now "GETS IT". and is beginning to understand  what I am Going through  dad was 83   OCT  22 would have been their 59th wedding anniversary.  its  been cold and raining here.. so No pool or beach time..   I am So Freaking Bored...  Ohhhh BTW  the friend 800 miles away   I did meet... wonderful lady   however she looked older than my Mom who is 80....   I feel like I have been Ghosting her on Facebook.  however truth is  all in the above.. I have just  been a workaholic  and with Everything happening  in my life. I have had no Time For facebook.    Taking a few mins to  type this blog. and then I am going back to sleep.......  almost 5 years later.. I still cry myself to sleep. NO it does Not Get any easier....  Im still looking for a  Companion   and I will Only date a  Jewish widow..... Good Night  time for me to crawl back under my Rock. I wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season and a New Year.... BTW  I inherited a car from my dad. so as Of  Dec 29th  I will be driving up the eax=st Coast back to NJ  from Florida....    I am going stir crazy here......

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