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Yesterday would have been Malcolm's 65th b-day. I went to a National forest area that we used to hike, camp and picnick in for the first time in 13mos since his passing. It was bitter-sweet. I enjoyed all of it but, broke down crying 4 times as I miss him so much. After 13 mos I find myself very empty, sad, heartbroken. It has not improved at all for me. I do lots of activities but, doesn't stop the grief, sadness, and missing him extremely so, and oh.... the loneliness is tremendous.

I thought by this time I might do better but, am doing worse in some respects.I am planning on one-one grief couseling over phone and will hope it helps some.


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Comment by lizbeth4 on June 12, 2016 at 8:26pm

Feeling Sad,  I still have moments of sadness and it has been 3 years since my Husband died.   I know everyone grieves differently but the first 2 years were the worse for me.   I have more happy thoughts about him than sad ones.   It still is hard.   My Husband was 57 years old when he died and we were married for 31 years.   I think that the loneliness is the biggest thing that I deal with now.  My children are grown and live 100 miles from me.   I have become more active this last year and I do keep busy but I still miss him.   I am learning to live alone.  This is a tough journey.   Glad that we have each other. 

Comment by Dream088 on June 11, 2016 at 9:36pm
Feeling sad too. It is so quiet here in the house. My son went out tonight, and the lonilness is beyond any words I could put it in. It's been only a few months. I miss him so much and so want to be where he is. I am not involved in any activities never was into that. I work and when I am off I don't feel like keeping busy, too tired. I do go to grief sessions, help alittle, but not really much. It's only temporary help. Hang in there Mrs. Malcolm. My husbands name was Richard and he was 57 yrs.
Comment by Patience on June 9, 2016 at 10:02am

Feeling Sad,  hang in there.. I'm not going to say it will get better anytime soon.. but it will get "different"  and you will be better able to cope.. At least that was my experience.  Hope today is as good a day as can be expected...  Diane

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