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I was on the road for two months. I started July 10th, 2017 leaving the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains and headed North to Swan Valley, ID. This trip took me thru Wyoming into Idaho where I stayed with my friends on their 9 acre property where the Snake River runs through.

I truly loved Swan Valley and I have to say my two black labs loved the area more than I. From the moment we pulled up and I opened the door to let my four legged kids out after a long days drive they ran straight for the water and jumped right in with no inhibitions! It was great to see them spot the water becoming their immediate destination and jumped right in the to mini-lake that was created from the Snake River that runs thru this mini-lake that ponds on my friends wonderful property in Swan Valley.

Seeing my four legged friends see what they wanted and, with no second thoughts, head right for their wants and jumped right in gives me thought as to my own travels I began in July 2017. The journey actually began, in my mind, seven months after the lost of my beloved husband. 

I was sitting in a group counseling session and the counselor made the statement to the group, "you have to embrace this new normal and make new plans. The plans you made with your spouse are no longer here and you need to start making plans for yourself." I thought ok, makes sense for some I am sure, but for me, not so much. 

I raised my hand and asked the question that immediately came to me after hearing those words, "you have to make new plans." Why do I have to make new plans? I was part of those plans that my husband and I made and I agreed and was part of the planning because I wanted the plan as much as my husband, so why can't I still have that plan? I like the plan?

The plan was to be retired in 2016 and buy a new RV, we sold our old one in 2011, and put the house up for sell and hit the road. So, jump forward to July 10, 2017 and here my plan begins. I hit the road and never looked back nor did I give it second thought. After all, I have had the plan on my mind since the evening in the group counseling when I said, "Why not."

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Comment by Athena53 on September 9, 2017 at 4:52am

I like your attitude!  My husband Ron died in November of last year and we were travelers.  Just before he died (we knew he wouldn't last out the year), I booked a cruise through the Panama Canal, followed by snorkeling, hiking, swimming and kayaking off Panama and Costa Rica for this past April.  He was happy for me.  He didn't tolerate warm climates very well so we'd restricted our travels to more temperate areas such as Iceland in 2015, which was one of our best trips.  I had a wonderful time in Central America and last month I went back to Iceland and took a day trip to Greenland (my profile pic is in Kulusuk, Greenland).  I've also done a couple of road trips to visit family.

Yes, I miss him- he was a wonderful travel companion and each of us always noticed things the other didn't.  I found, though, that I was free to put away the map and wander because I no longer had to worry about him wearing out.  I lingered in museums, using my Icelandic dictionary to compare the English and Icelandic information.  Sunday I'm leaving for our favorite B&B.  That's definitely a couples place and I'll skip the extra-charge romantic dinner where I'd definitely be a fifth wheel, but I plan to do a lot of bicycling and maybe a little wine tasting.  

So far I've left a bit of his ashes behind in the Panama Canal, off Costa Rica and in the bay in Iceland.  Soon they'll be in the Missouri River.  It's a way of reminding myself what I've lost and stopping to be thankful for all the wonderful travels we had together.

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