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I know that jumping the gun and diving into a relationship is never a good idea. I also know that when I met my wife it was pretty much out of the blue as we were introduced one night at a carnival by a mutual friend. I say that because even though we didn't know anything about each other we definitely jumped into our relationship. That being said I don't think it's necessarily always a bad idea to jump into a relationship with someone. I believe you need to follow your heart where it leads you. I know that I haven't been on here much since I joined but I have been very busy with house things and my 20 year old son moving back in with me. The thing is about two weeks ago I met a woman and it was like we hit it off immediately. She has already stayed a few nights at my house with me and I love how understanding she is about things. Like I said she stayed the night but I let her know I wasn't ready to get overly intimate just yet. I don't know if it's from having been as long as it has for me, or maybe I'm nervous because of my M.S., but either way it just didn't feel right rushing that part of the relationship. Well I'm also the type of guy who thinks if you wait at least a little while after you meet then you'll feel closer and more intimate than when you first met. Well anyway I'm hoping I'm right and I've been able to find love again because I was beginning to feel like it wasn't going to happen. I would also like to say that for the most part dating sites are a joke. I say for the most part because I met her on one just as both of us were about to give up on using them. I would say that it was almost like someone wanted us to meet, the way things happened leading up to us doing it. So in closing I would like to thank those who helped by giving me advice on here and say good luck to you all, I hope everyone of you find the love you're searching for.  I hope I'm right and I don't have to refer to myself as widowed or single again.   Sincerely, Lallen

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