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Have you found any special items, love letters, cards of your beloved

MY ROSES  23 October 2013 

Have you found some special card, note, or other item from your beloved,  something that made a difference.  That you did not know was there  or had forgotten about and you found it perhaps when clearing out a cupboard?

As I have done some clearing in  my husband's  office there are notes in his filing cabinet, things that were going through  his mind.  These gave insight into what he felt about himself  and what he wanted to do... but had not achieved yet.  I also found a beautiful little "baby" book which was filled out by his mother.  Giving details of his birth weight, when he walked and talked, and how he learnt to walk and talk very quickly. There were notes and photos about his grandparents and  some genealogical charts about two strands of his family.    Later I also found our wedding DVD which in all my grief I had forgotten about in a box.  It was the best thing I did  - playing it brought tears but also I heard his voice and watched him walking and talking.  The beautiful words of love that he said had grown and grown into a Great Love.  I had also given him two  large gold hand -painted boxes which I did when we first met.   He had been very surprised. (See  boxes on my photo page).   But recently, I realised that they are full to the brim with love letters, anniversary and christmas cards, and special little loving notes and photos.   Letters with decisions to travel together, and expressions  so early on in our meeting about our love being on many levels.  Also so precious and different to our previous marrriages of 25 yrs.   Most of all these are not precious memories of two mature aged people looking back on their life.  I am living that love, passion and emotion still.... as if he were here.  So when the usual "widow' comment comes along - Well you are lucky you have these memories of the past"  I can shout NO.... THEY ARE NOT IN THE PAST. They are alive and well inside me now.  If he  stood in front of me now I would say and do all those romantic and passionate things in the same way as before.  BECAUSE LOVE NEVER DIES. My heart, soul and mind have not aged at all.  They contain these treasures  perfectly because they are immortal.    Quote from a letter" Wes, I will hold you in my arms as often as you wish to be held, I am always at home in yours."  Another letter "I am willing to risk this because if I was lost tomorrow, you would never know that I loved you and in what way."

So  hope all of us out there have or will find those special items that  you did not know about but which will give you joy when they are found.


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Comment by grammy on October 25, 2013 at 6:18am

I found one item that I had forgotten about. As I was going through the closet that has all the winter clothing in, I found a spring jacket that was my oldest son's in high school. This was a letter jacket . When my son left home to go to a University a cross the country 16 years ago, He decided that he did not want to take this jacket. Instead he gave it to my husband.

My husband wore the jacket for many years. The letters were falling off and it was faded. I asked my husband why he continued to wear the jacket. He told me that it reminded him off our son and he knew that as long as he had the jacket he would always have a piece of him with him. I eventually talked him into getting a new jacket. I never saw the jacket again until today. My husband must have put it in the back of the closet to have when he felt he needed to be close to our son. Seeing this Jacket made me cry. Thinking about how much my husband loved our children and grandchildren. He was that involved father, never missed any activity that they were in, hands on, loved playing, and always putting them first no matter what. Knowing that my children will never have him back is very hard. My tears are also for the fact that my husband was a good man and taught our sons how to be good men and my youngest to be a good father.

I will try to reach my son in BC to ask him if he would like the jacket back. If not, not sure what I will do with it . Maybe just put it back.

Comment by my roses on October 25, 2013 at 3:42am

My roses

Thanks Liz for letting me know you found a couple of "gems". 

Love and blessings

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