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Helpful websites on dating, intimacy, first dates, what men want in a relationship etc

My Roses  Nov 1st 2013


Just in case .. here are two websites dealing with dating, intimacy, first dates etc.  One by a woman and one by a man. The man indicates very clearly what men do and don't want in a relationship and how to understand male dating behaviour.

Christian Carter is a best selling author and love expert who reveals the secrets of what men really think and feel about women and relationships.He combines principles of psychology and human behavior with his own field tested experience to help women understand what really attracts men, why he pulls away when you are getting close, and what the commitment process looks like for him.


  The woman has a website and she is called Rori Raye. C 

Helping women know how to date, what they are really looking for in a man etc. How to know what a man is really looking for in a woman. Also many of the things we are doing wrong (doing too much for a man) when he wants to give to you and feels overwhelmed.

YOu can get newsletters sent online  from these sites and get some ideas and if you want can buy an e booklet, CD's etc. I found it insightful.  There are also some short videos on the sites too.



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Comment by my roses on November 2, 2013 at 3:36am

My roses to Laurajay and missincin     November 2nd

I do understand what you are both saying and I agree that when you have loved and lost the love of your life you know what is in your heart.  The reason for putting the websites up was because  quite a few widows were saying that they felt they needed insight on how to date again, after so long.  They felt things had changed since they were involved in this.   The written words about each site ARE NOT MINE, but theirs.

My words were just to say it was insightful.  I learnt more about how people looked at dating in this era, getting over their fears etc   I also felt that having a man's input was interesting because he appeared to be saying that many women misread  what a man feels (in the early stages of meeting). He wanted to give insight into some of the behaviour that has upset women, but in fact may not be a sign that the men do not like the woman.. just that they too are unsure - or new to dating again.

I hope this clarifys the blog more.

Comment by laurajay on November 1, 2013 at 10:37pm

My roses.  I have to ditto Dan's comments.  When you have been already married to the great love of your life and have lost them to death, you are as individual as can be when it comes to considering someone new as a friend or mate.   Only you know your own heart and what you want and need.  No outsider, trained or not could possibly know your thoughts and needs after losing your spouse.  I am like no other widow in the world  so are you.  our experience is totally unique.  We are not like divorced or single people looking for a date.  We have a huge memory bank and will be adjusting to our loss the rest of our lives.  And no one can say what men want except in general terms. Based on our experience and loss  any new relationship would have to deal with widowhood  up front  because it is our reality.   I believe  you might consider lightly what others have to say...but never would I presume they have any real insight into  my needs or wants.  I alone must examine my mind and heart as I heal and move forward.   Any man I were to meet would need to do the same...  We are best off thinking for ourselves and then  acting  wisely after personal consideration in all areas.  Thanks for the posting  it emphasizes  my beliefs  and refreshes them for me.

Comment by missincin (Dan) on November 1, 2013 at 12:59pm

Rose: This is just my 2 cents worth but no 2 men are the same, no 2 men want the same thing. If you believe in the author then it must be that all women are the same and want the same thing, feel the same way. The problem is widowhood is much different. Most of us yern for what we had or something similier. It is not like a break up that is looking for something different or a deviorce that you just got tired of the other person. None of us like the same things but we learn to adapt and that's what builds a relationship. Unless this author has walked in your shoes, done in life what you have. He cant tell you what to look for or how to act. Only you know you. Trust in yourself.

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