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I got back home from hospital Tuesday afternoon at the end of a six day stay. My daughter Shirley took me down to the hospital, stayed at my house overnight and came back the next day, then came down to bring me home and stayed overnight to make sure I was safe. Despite me being " an older woman" I healed at the expected rate with no unexpected complications. I was so glad to get home to my own bed!

The operation to clip the aneurysm has been deemed a great success. When they said I would have a headache for two weeks  I wasn't thinking of a face ache but that is what I have but simple analgesics help with the pain so it is not unbearable. I must say I am pretty pleased myself with the progress I have made in the eight days since the operation. I  know "time heals all wounds" but we still have to go through it "one day at a time". And pain is pain.

I am thankful for all the prayers throughout the months before the operation, during the time I was in hospital and that are still ongoing for my recovery.  I  just wanted to let you all know that our prayers were answered and that apart from heavy bruising and a little pain and discomfort I am just fine. Walking , talking and commenting on the world around me. I will have a slightly different face shape as the operation necessitated a slight cut to one of the upper facial muscles but that is a small price to pay.

I went to my own doctor today to have the staples removed but unfortunately he could not take them all out, further healing is needed so we will try again on Monday. I am still bruised so am not going out in public for a little while. I will not be allowed to drive until the neurosurgeon checks me out in early September but friends are wanting already for me to go for drives, out to morning tea etc. Really it is too early yet for me to want to do that.

On a woman's level I have a slight problem, one of the doctors cut off a small amount of hair above my eyebrows so I guess a new hairstyle might be on the way in the future. Despite everything I am pleased that the operation went off so well. I had a ticking time bomb in the shape of an aneurysm and now that threat is gone. My life has a future again.

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Comment by only1sue on August 23, 2019 at 4:22am

Four weeks into the healing process and everything has slowed down. I still have the headaches occasionally and the tiredness hasn't improved much. The associate to the neurosurgeon said six weeks before I will feel "normal" but I think it would I'll be longer than that. I still have some help in the house but that finishes in two weeks so I am on my own from then. Just hope that I feel better soon as so much needs doing before Spring comes. Just thinking about the garden, the cobwebs and the fact that the curtains, bedspreads etc need attention leaves me feelng helpless as I know right now those jobs are beyond me.

Comment by only1sue on August 1, 2019 at 8:44pm

The last of the staples are finally out, I can now wash my hair and decide if I need a new hairstyle. My doctor has been so kind, as a former surgeon himself he didn't approve of the way my wound was secured but did his best to remove the staples  as gently as he could. I think we are both glad it is over now. He is pleased with the way I am healing.

Comment by DIVA70 on July 29, 2019 at 6:37am

God is so good. Praying for your continued progress. You are a living testament to the power of prayer. Be blessed.

Comment by only1sue on July 28, 2019 at 10:18pm

After two attempts to take the 70+ staples out I still have three more to be removed. It is like medieval torture. Good news is I am beginning to have the pain ease back so not as muchness disturbed sleep. I am not a patient person so slow progress is just purgatory to me. As for relax and take things easy, that has never been part of my lifestyle.

Comment by barbee on July 27, 2019 at 6:01pm

Such good news! Hip, hip hurrah for you!!! Take good care, Sue.

Comment by laurajay on July 25, 2019 at 3:48pm

As  I  have  said  are  a  spiritual  warrior  and  your  healing  bears  witness  to  your  faith.   To  the  future  knowing  we  live  only  in  the  "now" but holding  hope  for  all the  blessings  yet  to  come.    hugs     lj

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