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After 2 1/2 years out, I would think that my widow brain would have matured and that the learning and observing patterns would once be restored.  But I have proof that this is not true.  I have been anticipating my participation in all three Camp Widows this year after I attended Camp Toronto this past fall.  I knew this summer I would be in California, my first visit of course, in the presence of my peers for bonding and emotional growth.  I made my air reservations at the beginning of June. Now I read Michelle's directions carefully, to go into SAN airport.  Ok, my mind saw those emails, so when I set up station to make my reservations, I was confident that I had made reservations at a reasonable rate that just happened to be non-stop out of Newark, NJ.  All week, I visited the Camp San Diego site to interact with my fellow campers,  So for once, I was really excited.  My flight was scheduled for 8:30 boarding, but I knew that I should arrive at the airport at least 2 hours ahead of time because I anticipated problems.  So there I sat In gate C71 waiting for my flight, I was really excited at this point because at check-in an aisle seat had opened up.  As I sat at gate C71, I stared at the sign that said San Francisco for at least 10 minutes before It finally hit me, I NEED to BE in San DIEGO, not San FRANCISCO.  The anxiety immediately set in.

I approached a ticket counter and explained my issue, I was directed to customer service.  I thought oh boy!, more fees, which could result in me just canceling my trip.  And I experienced something that I haven't experienced at the airport within my last 5 years of travel.  A representative said ok I'm going to help you on good faith.  FAITH, what is this in an airport?  This was especially shocking because the gentleman in front of me had just had a confrontation with three of the service workers because he was demanded a refund for a delayed flight, so I knew my issues would land me back at home, in my bed for the four days that I had anticipated being in California.  

No one does anything nice for me.  I usually have to fight through barriers to ensure that my kindness is not walked all over by inconsiderate members of the human race who take advantage of women who travel alone.  I had one man and his wife push me off the Check-In counter because they said I was taking too long, and another rude male dominate figure who told me to get out of line and get out of his way because I was  in front on him on the Xray machine and I didn't take off my shoes, but the TFA worker had told me not to.  I later approached this man and said that he didn't have to be rude to me.  He apologized for the remarks and offered his hand, I didn't shake it.  What if someone had said that to his precious wife, he would be confrontational.  With my mind filled with all of this anxiety, I went to the next agent.  And she had her supervisor approve my change in flight without a penalty.  I had faith that there are really good workers out there and maybe I shouldn't always clump them together as one bad apple.

So my destiny has been re-routed and I'm on my way to San DIEGO, with just a little HOPE for the human race.  In all of the hostilities in our communities, I found solace at Newark International Airport and I am even more anxious to join my widow friends for a refreshing weekend.  

My body will be in San DIEGO, but for some reason, my heart was in San FRANCISCO.  

See you guys soon, Camp Widow San DIEGO here I come.

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Comment by Patience on July 23, 2015 at 2:00pm
Oh my goodness! So happy they were able to change that to SD for you!! Yay!! You will Love San Diego!!
And..grenville25, I'm planning to attend CW Toronto, it's a wonderful experience! I've attended 5 camp widow events and it's so healing and amazing!
Djunclelrell, have a wonderful time at camp!! Xoxoxox (((((hugs))))
Comment by Grenville25 on July 23, 2015 at 5:14am

what a happy ending...i understand...being a woman on her own too, you do feel like people push you around...but in fact there are a few souls who also have had a loss of some kind and they really understand...god bless those agents for helping you....i am in toronto and considering going to my first Camp widow in Sept. Post your thoughts on San DIEGO :)

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