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  I still cry and I still ask why, but I try not to doubt my faith.

God is in control he is Alpha and Omega, for he will lead and carry me through, how patience is he.

For I know on October 2, 2010 filled your heart with so much sorrow,God says my child be still and let me feel your sorrow. I thank you Lord for 15 years and four kids, a life I had always wanted.

The Lord says, I know how hard it is, but my child lift your head and fix your eyes on me. I promise I will never let  you go. I will wipe your tears with my bright white cloak so you can see the light and know you will be alright.

God says let me carry you I know how weak your heart feels. Let me guide your lost soul back so you may heal and live your life with gladness and be blessed.

Mike is home with no pain, no burden praying for my soul to be untied once again in heaven.

Please dear Lord send Mike a kiss because he is missed. Lord may I asked since I can't be with Mike, please let him  always be in my dreams every night. Let me touch his face and make it seem real. Let me see his wonderful smile and hear him say I love you once more. Seal your heart for Gods own love and there you will feel me again, I am with you always for God love is mine, let this love stay strong for God will not do you any harm, he will keep you warm with are arms around. Do not fear this life around you because my love, I am here up above on my knees that God will always be with you. Don't give up you see because one day you to will be free.

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Comment by Beyakiki on February 24, 2013 at 7:41pm
That was beautiful. I pray for the same thing most nights. I know God exists whenever my boys kiss n hug me goodnight. Arimus taught us the importance of praying as a family so we pray in the morning n at night together.
Comment by mikeswife15 on February 24, 2013 at 6:31pm

My name is Lenora. Thank you for that. I watch my wedding video so I can hear his voice. If the Lord was not in my life I wouldn't of made it this far without Mike. He was a man after Gods own heart.

Comment by Lori on February 24, 2013 at 12:51pm

mikeswife thank you for this i too believe strongly in my Lord and He as seen me through, I have had many beautiful gifts from heaven and from my dear mark.  one of my favorites is when i asked God to hear his voice one more time and that day a friend sent me a recording of his voice singing a psalm in church. i have it on my page here. blessings!

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