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Forgive me

I've been in the fog of widowed love

it's a different fog than the first time

it's less rosy

and I've let it be less cozy

Forgive me

I've only been trying to fill the empty spaces

desperately trying, for years

grasping at memories, ancient and faded

repeating the stories, old and jaded

Forgive me

I didn't notice that the empty spaces were just made up in my mind

and that maybe you're hurting too

that although tragedy once scorched me

[scorched us]

and although I felt suffocated by sadness,

[you too]

I had been fulfilled

and am fulfilled

even through burns that hurt

and living on the line between suffocation and isolation

that by just reaching into my mind,

[such wonderful and powerful minds we have]

I can let go

I can trust in you, in us, but in me most of all

without feeling empty

without desperately searching for an answer

or a reason

[or whatever]

that I can forgive myself

Can you forgive me?

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