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I felt I should write this morning. I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but feel free to read. I hope it provokes some positive thoughts for everyone.

A garden in the wilderness

The wilderness has its own life and culture. I guess if we want to be scientific we would call it an ecosystem. With its own members and characters to carry out its chores. It very systematic and is able to keep itself well sustained.

But we as people don't do well under the submission of the wilderness. In fact we fight it with our every ounce. We build up walls to keep the wilderness out. We dig up the soil and instead of the weeds and vines the wilderness provides we sow plants that are friendly and easier to work with our designs. We only allow those animals into our confines that will work to our desires rather than the desires of the wilderness. We even try to control the weather by building our own homes rather than live in the holes or caves or even in the thickets that the wilderness provides. By placing sides on our homes and a roof on top we endeavour to control the very climate that we live in. Constantly working to keep out dirt and filth which is in the every breath and touch of the wilderness.

There is something that drives us to stand up against the wilderness and be separate from it. Certainly, we do not despise it. We will often take excursions to the wilderness but we still are careful to bring those things with us that will keep us just outside of its reaches, just so it can't overwhelm us. We love to place pictures of its beauty on our walls, but if wilderness were to see inside our homes it would tell us we only show a very lopsided view of it on our picture frames. Only the pretty side. Wilderness would scream out "but, I am so much more".

Maybe the truth is that wilderness is so much more powerful than us. Though through our strength and will we are able to keep it at bay for a short time. As long as we are able to upkeep our walls and maintain our homes we can keep wilderness out there and control its reaches into our lives.

But, then.... When we become slack from maintaining our walls and we let slide the upkeep on our homes, then wilderness begins to encroach and do it's thing. We begin to see chaos taking over all that we worked on. We get scared at the uncertainty and disaster that seems to be creeping up on us. But, then wilderness speaks to us in a calming voice "it's ok, I know what I'm doing. Trust me, this is all natural, I'm the end and the beginning. I was created just for this." And it is then that we realize the purposes of the wilderness. It is not chaos and disaster. It is the force that the creator uses to bring about life. It is not the 'Beginning and the end', for it was always meant to be in the middle. Even though it is ever so powerful it was never meant to be worshipped, for just like us it was only designed for a purpose.

Inspired by Psalm 80:9-16

You brought a vine out of Egypt,
you expelled the nations and planted it,
you cleared a space for it;
then it took root firmly and filled the land.
The mountains were covered with its shade,
the mighty cedars with its branches;
It put out branches as far as the sea
and shoots to the [Euphrates] River.
Why did you break down [the vineyard's] wall,
so that all passing by can pluck [its fruit]?
The boar from the forest tears it apart;
wild creatures from the fields feed on it.
God of armies, please come back!
Look from heaven, see, and tend this vine!
Protect what your right hand planted,
the son you made strong for yourself.
It is burned by fire, it is cut down;
they perish at your frown of rebuke.

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Comment by only1sue on December 20, 2014 at 11:17am

Good reading.  I love the wild, open spaces here in Australia, the bush can be quiet, or noisy with birds, it can be fertile close to the coast and stark and empty in the Red Centre.  I love all aspects of wilderness,but while I like a visit, wouldn't want to live there. I guess in a way that is reflected in my life as i would love to live in the country but not alone so I cling to what I know.

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