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Well its getting close to Easter and i'm remembering the last one i spent w/my husband, Frankie. We went to the catholic Mass as that was the religion we were both baptized in and the one he grew up in and felt most at home with. The priest was one that had visited him in the hospital when he had pneumonia and had given him communion and last rites. He also saw my husband another time. He ended up being the priest to do the memorial service at the same church and it was a wonderful service and my friends at that church who had kids in the swim team helped at the service and attended. But that Easter my husband was so weak from the Cancer he had to use a cane to get around. He actually fell asleep during the service but it was still good to go even though the place was packed and it was standing room only, we were lucky to get a seat. Our relationship was founded mostly on our faith and reliance in God, even though our beliefs didn't always match. We felt God had brought us together and we depended on Him strongly through the course of our marriage. It was a nice, warm day. We were both glad we got to attend b/c we hadn't been going to any church in a long time although my husband would sometimes go and get a jar of Holy water to keep at the house. I think he had to work on Good Friday even though the phones were quiet and there was no business. I just felt really blessed we could go to this service, though my husband died not long after.This Easter i plan on doing something different but I don't know if it will pan out. I have a new boyfriend that doesn't speak English so i will try to get him to attend a Spanish speaking service w/me. I feel like the Lord has brought me another to try to bring to Him. We will see. My husband was extremely spiritual and that's about the best way to describe him. Good Friday and Easter are very special to me and i hope i can make it special like it was that day w/my husband. I think he would like that.

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