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     I love a good joke and it was so hard to get one over on Jerry. This time I got him but good without even trying. We headed off late in the afternoon to Georgia for a family reunion five hour's away from home. A little over halfway through the trip Jerry was tired and decided we needed to stop for the night. It was close enough to get up have breakfast and still get to the reunion on time. He get's us all set up at the Hilton Inn for the night. While laying on the bed discussing dinner plans, I started scratching what I thought was a flea bite or three from tending to the animals before our trip. An evil grin slowly spread across my face, I had to look away for a second. "I think we have bedbugs", I say. Understand, Jerry has the slowest southern drawl you'll ever hear along with a unique way of wording. So, he says, "Awwwwe git ooout!" Along with a barrage of questions about how I figure we have bedbugs. I go on to show him my leg and photos of bedbug bites I pulled up on my phone as well as remind him I wasn't itching until we lay on that bed. After several very colorful expletives out of Jerry, we head off to Longhorns for his favorite, a medium Outlaw Ribeye, and a Perfect Margarita.

     The wait was long as the place was packed but there were three empty spots at the bar and it was well past our dinner time. We grabbed those stools before the hostess finished talking! Not another word was mentioned about the bedbugs. Halfway through our meal, a man filled the barstool next to Jerry. Jerry, never met a stranger so he struck up a lively conversation with him, as it turned out he was just as friendly as Jerry was. He happened to know most of the folks Jerry grew up with and was from the same small north GA town Jerry was from. Like I said, Jerry didn't know a stranger. They had the best time chatting, the man (Tom) caught Jerry up on all of his old friends and the goings on of the town. Whoever said old women love a good gossip have never listened to old men talk! I, on the other hand, didn't have a clue who or what they were talking about so I just kept the Perfect Margarita's coming. I enjoyed the fact that Jerry was having such great night hearing about the lives of folks he'd long since lost touch with. Not one word about bedbugs. Two and a half hours later and four and a half Perfect Margarita's later we were sitting in the truck when, Jerry turns to me with the most serious look a goofball like him had and says, "Where the hell are we going to find another room at this time of the night?" Now, I'm sure ya'll all know those Perfect Margarita's pack a punch. I have long since forgotten about flea bites and bedbugs. Incredulously, I asked, "Have you been thinking about bedbugs and a new hotel all night!?" "Heeell yeah, I'll sleep in the truck before I go baaack into that room!" I had no idea he those "bedbugs" where on his mind the entire evening. Maybe it was the alcohol or maybe it was the look on Jerry's face but I found it to be the most hilarious thing ever when I told him, there were indeed no bedbugs.

     He was none too happy with me. It didn't matter I laughed and laughed. I ended up having to inspect the mattress to prove it to him and was still spontaneous giggling as we fell asleep, even while he rolled over grumbling about bedbugs snubbing our normal cuddles. The next day I was still laughing at my joke and pretty proud of myself as Jerry isn't one that you can easily get one over on. All ended well, he conceded that it was a pretty good joke but he never did admit it was funny. "There ain't nothing funny about a damn bedbug!", he said. Maybe not, but the multiple arrays of expressions on his face and the simple fact that I one-upped him is priceless to me.

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