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Mike I just want to tell you that 

I miss having you sitting next to me on the couch controlling the remote

I miss you calling me when you get home because you got home and I was not their

I miss having to be the dd when we got out

I miss hearing you snore 

I miss hearing your phone ring and ring and ring because you don;t want to talk but you wont shut your phone off

I miss your dirty clothes on the floor a foot away from the clothes hamper

I miss cooking a separate meal because you are so picky and do not like what the kids and I like

I miss you arguing with me over nothing because you think it is funny when I get mad

I miss waking up to you playing with my curls

I miss being woken up at 2 am because you fell asleep at 7 pm and are wide awake

I's funny how the things that annoyed me are the thing I miss the most

I am angry at you for leaving me and the girls

I know you did not plan this, and I am thankful that you did not suffer 

I know I will see you again one day and I have to take care of the girls. 

It's just so hard and I am so lonely without you 

I just miss you

I love you


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Comment by cfitz on May 13, 2016 at 6:01pm

I also laughed at reading this. Everything that annoyed me when Fitz was alive I now think on fondly.  I come home and there are no dishes in the sink (because I actually wash them when I'm done).  I miss dirty dishes so much...

Comment by deaf widow on May 9, 2016 at 3:08am

lee, I actually laughed reading this.  I, too, share a lot of the things you shared while missing your Mike.  My PJ wanted to eat everything on separate plates (a lot of dishes to wash...LOL) .  He also threw his clothes down missing the dirty clothes hamper.  So many memories that I still miss.  It's lonely now.  Thanks for sharing.  HUGS to you.

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