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I was hard for my 2 daughs, although they did not mention it at all. I think that is how I knew. They are 23 and 20 and still at home, but heading off to stay at college in the fall. The younger did want a hug and cried on my shoulder, but there was no discussion from either of them, and I did not ask. We are normally very open about our thoughts and feelings, but today I just sensed that nothing needed to be said. Naturally I miss my wife, but I feel very sad for my girls. Facing the rest of their lives without their Mother. They were both very close to their Mother. It is sad that they will not get to share the future and life's events....graduating college, that first career position, marriage, children and just being able to have tea and talk with Mom.

I bought a flower arrangement for both of them today. And I think it is something I will do every year. All days she is missed. But holidays are different and certainly today is very hard. I picked up a couple throw pillows and plan on having them covered with pajama tops that their Mother had. When they go off to college they will each have one with them. They were all so very happy and excited at the prospects and the future opportunities college would bring. My daughs have always been best friends, but they have become very close since their Mother passed. Each has some traits of their Mother, but both are different too.

Today brings up sadness for us. It was not spoken. Last year Mothers Day was difficult as she had already started the quick decline in abilities. So at this time last year there were only a couple more weeks of Mom as Mom....although extreme fatigue. Within a couple weeks was the personality changes and rapid decline and immobility. ....and passing away on June 16. I think it as all just there between us all, the bad memories of that time. I know for me the next month will be difficult. But, I just wish I could take all the internal sadness and pain away for my girls.

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Comment by Bj on May 9, 2016 at 3:28pm

I know yesterday had to be very hard for you and your daughters.  It's  very sad to think they will not have their Mother,  I've had mine for all my life & now she is 87 and it's hard to even imagine my life without her.  Having your Mother is such a blessing and is taken for granted by many.   Your Mother is your first love and to not have her is so devastating I'm sure.  I'm sending prayers for your daughters and I can sense you will try very hard to fill the void as much as possible for them.  You are a wonderful Father to recognize their pain at this time in their life.  I know they realize how special you are.  They are very blessed to have you.    

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