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Has the world gone mad? My last blog was only two weeks ago and I was reminiscing about my cruise telling you my operation was coming up and resting up so I would be fit for whatever lay ahead. Well was I the innocent one? I never imagined the mess of life as we know it that a tiny international visitor called Covid-19 would make to our lives. Who would have thought that from remote China it could spread around the world so quickly and so plunge the world into chaos? It wasn't in the news when I left on the cruise, barely made the headlines two weeks  later and today is the ONLY news.

Some of the passengers on the Ruby Princess on the cruise after the one I was on became victims of the Covid-19 and unlike my cruise where we were held up for medical testing for three hours before disembarking were permitted to come ashore without questioning or facing testing and many of them are in hospital or in compulsory lockdown now. Not a nice ending for what should have been a great holiday to New Zealand for them. I  was so lucky I went on the cruise when  I did. Since then I have been mostly voluntarily in isolation at home except from last Sunday to Wednesday when I was in my local hospital with the leaky blood vessel problem. I know I am vulnerable because of other factors so want to stay safe.

It is twelve days after my hemi (right side) thyroid operation. No I am not fixed yet. However the specialist on my two week visit says I am cancer free. I did have four days in hospital this week. Only in hospital for an overnight stay for the actual operation and then home. But  a couple of days later my neck began to swell. I waited a few days thinking this was normal then a few days realising it wasn't and then last Sunday took myself off to hospital. I had a tiny blood vessel bleeding into my neck where the operation had been. Various procedures were tried and the swelling lessened and I was sent home again. My specialist said the problem will resolve itself in 4-6 weeks. I certainly hope so.

So here I am. Like many of you I have an active social life and I am missing that but there are all those one-day-I-will-get-around-to-it jobs plus craft projects, autumn gardening chores etc. so I have plenty to do. We have had some hot weather and now cooler weather and alternate days  with or without sunshine  so the garden is very confused. I have orange blossom and jonquils trying to flower and it is the wrong season. I alternately wear long or short sleeved tops  and go out with a light jacket just in case. I can say this is not normal in March when we should have those long hot Indian summer days.

But in view of the social isolation rules at present in place it  does make the beach much less attractive and in a way being isolated in your home and mostly inside seems less of a chore. We will get through this. We will come out the other side. In Australia the numbers are still rising. As yet I dont know anyone here acute enough to be in hospital but a second cousin in England has her husband in hospital and he is frail and in his eighties so will have a struggle ahead of him. And people on my Facebook page are asking for prayers for someone they know who has the virus so it is only have matter of time I guess before someone I know is one of the less fortunate ones.

Our church is closed. Even funerals have to observe the social distancing laws and weddings are mostly being postponed as where is a place big enough for a hundred people  to have four square metres each to participate as guests?  I do feel sorry for people who have booked overseas holidays or are overseas trying desperately to come home. There are thousands out of work or on indefinite leave while we all wait for the virus to peak. It is not  an easy time to live through. I am lucky in a way that I am almost vegetarian these days as fresh foods are more available than processed foods. So I can manage for a while at least inside or out in my garden without going stir crazy.

Not a great beginning to my new cancer free life but it will have to do.

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Comment by only1sue on April 18, 2020 at 4:38pm

It looks like the people on the cruise I was on are going to have to fill in a questionnaire on our experience of our disembarkation. We were so lucky the people from the Health Department were there doing the check on us and as far as I know no corona virus sufferers came out of that check. Certainly our group of four and the others I associated with are all well. I think we missed a bullet but I am sorry for those from the next cruise who did not.

Comment by only1sue on April 9, 2020 at 1:38pm

Yes there are people I see who seem to have no idea, still sneezing into their hand and and then pushing s trolley, crowding into stores, standing around in groups talking. Many are complaining in the supermarkets about goods unavailable because we are not importing right now. I don't  know whether they don't understand or don't want to understand. We all wish that life would go back to what it was but we are fighting a nasty virus that at the moment seems unstoppable. All we can do is hope and pray our scientists get an idea of how to stop it soon. And in the meantime keep ourselves safe.

Comment by Callie2 on April 9, 2020 at 8:43am

No one is happy about the situation but I don’t know if I agree that older people are more susceptible.  We have many much younger people getting it and on life support than they originally thought would happen. True, I believe the older we are or have compromised immune systems, the higher the mortality rate.

Statistics show a lot of variables but until the world can look back upon this, I doubt if we’ll really know. Just wondering, are there any in your country taking this quarantine less seriously than they should?  We have some of that going on here. For the most part, most are compliant. If they can find a treatment until a vaccine is approved, I think it would help to relieve a lot of fear . It would for me!

Comment by laurajay on April 2, 2020 at 4:47pm

Callie.  found this  chart  to  be helpful.....also......seems  food does  not carry  the  virus  but  the   various  wrappings  do.  I  open  mail  and  boxes at the  door  never  bringing  in  the  wrappings/envelopes  or  boxes.  My  porch  is  half  filled  with  cardboard  boxes  I  am  not touching them  for  a week.  I  wear elbow  length  purple  rubber  gloves- a pair  I  designated  for  mail.  I live  alone no going  out/no one  comes  in  but  I  did this  last  year  with a  long  painful  case  of  shingles too.   I had death anniversary  of  husband  two days ago  and  mom's death  anniversary  today.   Have  anxious  time like everyone.  Few  meltdowns  too.  Having  had  shingles  all of  last  year...I  changed to a disciplined diet  and other life  style  changes.  Very  hard  but  I  want to  live  so I follow  protocol as  closely as I can.   Here's  the  list.  

Comment by Callie2 on April 2, 2020 at 4:20pm

Sorry to hear that Sue. It’s a horrible illness and the experts keep trying but cannot wrap their heads around the way this virus behaves. Most viruses can only survive outside the body for a short time—not this one. We are experiencing a real problem in the states, it’s frightening. Today I hear they are thinking it maybe being transferred simply by breathing. I went out for groceries today, first time in three weeks. I wore a mask and gloves. I am leaving groceries sit until the weekend (72 hr. recommended) before putting them away. The things they are observing about it don’t seem to make a whole lot of sense. Some people that are infected have no symptoms but shed virus. Others get sick right away and die. More men than woman. Blood types or genetics might have something to do with the severity. The thing is, they really don’t know.  We have to stay home but can go to the pharmacy or grocery store.  Social distancing.  Curious as to what they are telling people from your country?  We are under a shelter in place order til the end of April when it will be re-evaluated.  However, numbers continue to rise and more people are dying. I am hopeful they can find an effective treatment soon.  A vaccine is at least 1-1 1/2 yrs away.

Comment by only1sue on March 31, 2020 at 9:34pm

My second cousin's husband died. So as he had been diagnosed with Covid-19 the family were unable to be with him at the end  which was sad for them. This virus is disturbing so much that we previously took for granted. I just hope we manage to come back to a good life once it is over.

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