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Well, it's been the first year already and I just can't hardly believe it!! It still seems like yesterday or that Glenn will walk thru the door any time now. I sat down a week or so ago and wrote down the names of the months and anything the happened in those months. Well, June, he died. July, Aug, and Sept were all blank. Oct only had that I celebrated his birthday on the 26th. On Nov 3rd I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. Dec I flew to FL to celebrate Christmas with my folks. Jan, Feb, March were all blank too. So to you new at widowhood (like me) IT TAKES TIME!! LOTS of it. May, July and probably Aug will all be blank too. I'm doing lots of little things around the house but nothing big. Be kind to yourselves!! Do the things YOU want to do. Take YOUR time and don't let anyone push you. You will begin small and take baby steps until you can take bigger steps. Some days I do nothing but sit, other days I do alot. Tomorrow I am going scuba diving with a group I do not know, to a lake I have never dived. I need to get my skills back as it is really something I love and will do lots of in the future. Glenn and I loved diving!! This is someplace we wanted to dive together so I am doing it for us both! My thoughts and prayers are with you all. The Sucks to be here club. Deb

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Comment by forsiamese4me on August 2, 2015 at 9:14pm

Deb, Thank you for the post. I am brand new to widow hood...and everyday....I realize something it was filling out an application and having to check that box....widow.  My chest got tight.  The other day i finally ventured to the grocery store and thought i would loose it right there because I realized that I was not having to buy his specific foods he like.  i had to walk past them.  It's the little things that really get me.  Tomorrow will be a week and as the flurry of activity dies down, the emptiness begins to sit in a become deeper. Tomorrow I'm returning to work for 1/2 day...I am not looking forward to it because there will be condolences and the usual I'm so sorry, let me know how to help.  Right now all I can say to them's really hard right now.  I thought losing my parents was the toughest lost, but I think this is tougher!  I really don't know how I will make it to a year!  So congrats on that. Sarah

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