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My Love spoke to me on the 3rd May 2013



My roses: Darling Wes  how are you my beloved?

              I wanted to find the words to the Richard Tauber song

              “You are my heart’s delight and where you are I want to be.”

             I have missed you so much today….

Wes:      My beloved Darling  I am glad  to hear you today and I hear

              your words of love you say each day to me. But this is special

              because I can reply to you as you write this.   I have grown

              in some further knowledge over the last 2 weeks of your time.

              Not only this, but I am preparing myself to meet you, so I

              can help you when you arrive here with me.   In the meantime,

               I  am  resting and  learning.  The Lord spoke to me yesterday

               about you.   I know of your suffering and am deeply moved by it.

                But I know that I must be prepared in knowledge and  sincerity

                to greet you.  

My roses: Did you get any further  insight re bereavement  since we

                 spoke of it before?

Wes:      I have been given more knowledge about this

              as I have not gone through such a serious level of  grief myself.

               But I am sure I would have been at that serious level, if  you

               were not with me on earth.  I reach out to you with my mind and

               heart and link my love with yours – particularly when you  speak or  sing to me.  I have come to realise how deep this  grief is and the  Lord has indicated  that I am not to be concerned  about this  but just   hold you in my mind and heart. Daily I pour out my love  to you – because my love – you are my   heart’s delight and always   have been.    Every day as I  think on various  lovely things, I think about you

                 and  on occasions come to know more about how you are.

                I am doing a great deal of reading and attend  a gathering most days

                 which fills us all with “life” as we experience the joy that is  around  us .

My roses: I cannot believe that  3 months have gone by since I last saw yo  my  Darling Wes. 

               I do not know how I   am  coping with it all…. And  many days I am not  coping – days when I

               feel that I just   cannot  live without you… the pain is so severe.

                   I  long to see your face, hold your hand again, and stroke your face

                   and hold you in my arms.   Most days I feel only half there.  I long  to be on the right road, the  narrow road that leads to heaven.  My  thoughts and my eyes   fix very often on heaven, being there with  you and seeing you again.

       Wes : I am sure that the Lord is working on that all the time and I trust his

                 Word  about this.  I have told him that I love you for all that

                 you  done for me but even greater than that because you are a

                 part of me  at all times.  You are in my heart and your love is in my soul.  You are precious to me,

                 more than any jewel.

My roses: Do you remember the Christmas card you wrote to   me  last  December?

    Wes:     Yes, I do, now that you ask about it.  What I wrote impacted

                    My heart   so greatly, even though I was so ill,  but  I felt it and

                     had to write   it down for you to know – that even as weak as I  was –   the power of love was working.  Love is an amazing thing,  that I could find   the energy to write the words I wanted  - all I                         could think of  was I must convey this to  you.  I needed to do   it,  as much as you  were meant to know it.

               I hope that it is a   comfort for you  whom  I love so much.  

    My roses:   I love the words, and also the words of  your Anniversary Card  for last September .  They are so 

                     deep, loving and   powerful.  They  are comforting, but also bring great tears 

                     oo…emphasising the loss of your presence.  Tears come at any   time of the day  or night, 

                   and they can come  from  reading  something you have  written,  seeing your clothes, 

                    or hearing    music.  Wes, I   could   never have imagined  that  it would be this  bad.  In fact,

                     I   thought we would have more  time together  into   our 80’s or 90’s.  I think I would

                    have been more  prepared then.  

        Wes :        I  did not think about it a lot but I think I felt it was common

                      in our family to live until late old age.  I am glad though that

                     I am here, as it had been a concern in my heart for quite a long

                      time that I was not in the right place with God.  Although

                      you are not here with me,  I believe I can  help you and be

                     of assistance here too.  I have to wait to know…. but this is

                      my desire.  Every day here,  something new is revealed to me.

                      The Lord however, does know my desire to serve here

                      and to bring  joy and  help to you.  He knows my heart

                      regarding you -  and has read my eyes, seen my spirit and

                      fathomed my love.  ….. Dear  you should now go to bed.


My roses:   Yes my love,  I  will go to bed – but before then I will look for

                     the words of the song  I spoke about  today. 

                     For you are my heart’s delight,  and you make my darkness

                     bright (which is another part of the song). Dearest speak to me  again soon.  It helps     

                     to survive the   days.  I love  you.

Wes:             Dearest  …. you are  MY heart’s delight too – without  you my   life would have been nothing

                   like it became with you. 

My roses:     Dearest  Wes  here  is the song title I mentioned first and  some of the words . 

                    Sung by Richard Tauber.

From the operetta Land of Smiles, composed by Franz Lehar

Lyrics-Part 1: You are my hearts delight, And where you are, I long to be You make my darkness bright, When like a star you shine on me.  Shine, then, my whole life through. Your life divine bids me hope anew That dreams of mine may perhaps come true And I shall hear you whisper, I love you. In dreams when night is falling I seem to hear you calling….

I have  also just  heard this song sung by Richard Tauber.


              TOSELLI'S   SERENADE   ( Music by  Enrico Toselli)
                             Sung by  Richard Tauber 
Like a golden dream, in my heart ever smiling.
Lives a vision fair of happy love I knew in days gone by.
Still I seem to hear your laughter beguiling.
Still to see the joy, the love light  beaming  from your radiant eyes.
Will my dreaming be in vain? 
Will my love ne'er come again?
Come, shall we waste the golden hours of youth far apart?
What care I for life, without you by my side?
Do  not delay, time flees away.
Your arms are my paradise.
You and only you can fill my heart.
Oh, star of my heaven,
Come back and shed your light upon my way.
Come back!  My Love!
My roses: I know that you cannot come back my love…. But I can come to you. I wanted to give you the words of this song with its beautiful music.
We are also linked by music and its meaning for us personally.    Goodnight Darling Wesi.







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