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Six years--how did that happen? Seems like just yesterday. What have I learned? That we can live without them, but, we never stop missing them--or, what we took for granted. I am now 2 years older than he was....our son has his bachelor's degree--and working on his master's....Our daughter gave birth to two grandchildren he never got to meet or hold in his arms.

But, I have came so far--I have to keep reminding myself. No more--should haves, would haves, or--could haves. It is what it is-as, he always said to me all through his cancer treatments. Losing a spouse changes us forever--no denying that one. I still hate cancer--it is truly a beast. 

I have came to terms that I will always miss him.

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Comment by Callie2 on February 1, 2016 at 8:20pm
I can relate. We always attended the grandchildren's concerts and plays. The first one alone I felt his absence and it was very painful. Every function and graduation I think, if only he were here...I am now two years older than he was, same as you. You are right, we always will miss them. Sometimes that's not such a bad thing though. Would we really want to forget them? Still hard though, isn't it?

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