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I hate the end of winter with the wet cold blustery days.  The first of September is officially the first day of Spring here so hopefully there is more temperate weather ahead. I had three old friends die last week, not of Covid but age related illnesses. BUT because of Covid safe regulations the funerals were "invitation only" to comply with the present regulations of fifty booked in attendees. I was close to one couple but did not get a phone call from their son because I suspect he wouldn't have known who his parents friends were. . This is just another side effect of the Covid crisis. Guess I will be able to visit his mother one day. She is in a nursing home currently in lockdown. Sad eh? I am going to sit down and write a list entitled 50 friends to invite to my Otherwise it will be my children's friends who farewell me. Not that it matters that much I suppose.

Today I went to our local shopping centre, had morning tea with four of the Muffin Break gang, then bought fruit and fresh vegetables which is the major part of my everyday diet. I am looking forward to our local farmers markets starting up again as it is good to buy fresh local produce if I can. My garden has sustained a few herbs through the winter but the lettuce seedlings  didn't  look strong and I think they will die, too cold, too much rain etc is not good for them. Flowering daisies are doing well, they are best at this time of the year and I had snow drops and a single jonquil early in the month. Again I think the cold wet winter was to blame. I love my garden but don't always get the results I plan for.

Got to talk to both my neighbours either side this afternoon. The top side neighbour is going skiing for a week next week, his girlfriend has a time share in a ski lodge and this year there is good snow on the Snowy Mountains so they are taking advantage of that. The bottom side neighbour's youngest daughter loves to call out to me when I am out the front of the house. She is three and calls me Nanny Sue. She is very chatty and I do enjoy our chats. It has been a long lonely winter and I am looking forward to more interaction with the neighbours as we resume some of our outdoor activities.They are busy with the plans families have, the father surfs and he and his brother lit the BBQ for  the first time in a while and it was good to smell the steaks sizzling. I miss those family BBQs we used to have.

My local shopping centre seems to be losing a lot of the smaller shops now, hoardings are appearing where some of the fashion shops used to be. For the largely retired population that means less choice as those who no longer drive only go to this small shopping precinct. I know a lot of this is due to the initial Covid lock down but there is a a lot of people who for a variety of reasons seem frightened to leave their homes so the online stores are getting the business not the local traders. It is a pity for the centre is still the hub for a lot of people who have coffee out like I do two or three times a week. I have always found it a place where I catch up with people from church and other organisations I belong to. I even see people from my past work life sometimes as they retire back to the area. So I am sad to see its decline.

My family have all been in touch in the past week, all are well, busy with their own lives as usual but at least I feel less alone when they contact me. I appreciate I am not the centre of their Universe but even as an outer planet I appreciate the occasional interest in what I am doing. My news must seem sparse though as my routine is mostly the same from day to day and most of the people I talk about they don't know now. I wish they all lived closer but they DO live their own lives.  When we lived away from here I used to walk to a phone box to ring my parents on Friday nights. Seems funny now that we all have a phone to recall standing in the phone box in the middle of winter, shivering with the cold and feeding in coins while Mum told me what she and Dad had done that week and enquired after the kids. 

No plans for Spring as yet. With all the States protecting their borders I can only travel within New South Wales so that limits who I can visit and where I can go if I want to get away for a few days. of course I do live in a beautiful area so it is really is no hardship. But some times it is good to get out of the house and see different sights, hear different voices. That way I can get some perspective on life and maybe some fresh insights into what lies ahead. But if this pandemic keeps going maybe I will  be like the rest of the older population and adopt "No Place Like Home" as the theme song of my future life.

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Comment by only1sue on September 13, 2020 at 3:27pm

Well I have passed the first two dates I was dreading. Fathers Day and Ray's birthday. On his birthday one of his cousins rang me and my daughter sent me a text. Now only the anniversary of his death to get past. But it is Spring and there is plenty to do out in the garden and around the house so as long as I keep busy I am okay.

Comment by Callie2 on September 4, 2020 at 2:00pm

Happy spring, Sue!  We only have a couple more weeks of summer but this weekend is a holiday weekend usually referred to the end of summer.  Kids usually go back to school late August, early September however, it’s still crazy over here regarding this virus. A lot of colleges are sending the kids home due to outbreaks (partying) and the children in lower grades either will go back, work remotely or a little of each designated as hybrid. Its not really improving that much unfortunately.  We have people that continue on like they don’t believe it or don’t care. Flu season begins here soon.  Guess I will stay in as much as I can.  

Son and wife will be celebrating their 50th birthdays this week, they were actually born three days apart.  I will be stopping by there, briefly.  I bought them tee shirts online regarding their 50th birthdays in quarantine. They celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary a couple months ago, in quarantine. Their kids created a restaurant scenario and made them dinner. If anything, we’re all learning to be creative.

Hoping your health issues are behind you now, you’ve had your share.  I know I will be needing hip surgery, I have lost rotation in one and the other, just barely. Don’t want to do it now because of the virus but I’ll see how long I can get away with it. 

Enjoy the spring flowers, they are always so nice to see!  I just received a bulb catalogue that has all these hybrid spring flowers, I love to look through that. Some are pricy but absolutely beautiful. They have amaryllis at Christmas—so many to chose from, I often send as gifts. I don’t know why but I find their catalogues  inspiring.  We all can use that!

Comment by only1sue on August 31, 2020 at 3:05pm

Made it! To my Southern Hemisphere friends Happy New Spring 2020. To my Northern Hemisphere friends may you still have many lovely days ahead as you leave summer behind. We have to make the most of life despite what we are going through. Enjoy.

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