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One is such a small number but yet so hard to get used to. I recently found the sorrow in, one.

A table for 2.. we used to go out to eat frequently we would just sit and talk and laugh and share jokes only you and I would think is funny...Now its a table for 1

A meal for 2... I would cook a nice big meal, all your favorites you would thank me for the dinner every night because you appreciated it.....Now its a meal for 1

laundry for 2.. I used to have to do laundry a couple times a week how you enjoyed your clean white t-shirts you said they were so soft,now I do laundry maybe once a week because...Now its laundry for 1

shopping for 2.. you would hate all the coupons I used and how I stocked up on things because they were so cheap but you loved all the treats I would buy you I cant do that anymore....Now its shopping for 1

Bed for 2 ..a queen size bed was still not big enough you would always find your way to my side putting your arms and legs over me, I'm thinking of getting a new bed a smaller its a bed for 1

Dishes for 2... I wanted a dishwasher so bad last year you got me one and I used it all the time but not that much anymore because .....Now its dishes for 1

Just like the song implies one is such a lonely number. I still talk to you like you are here and when I do something stupid I say I know Joe, I know. I hate the number 1 its a terrifying number maybe 1 day I will learn to live with the number 1 but for now I will remember and dream when I was 2....

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Comment by Marsha on September 28, 2011 at 7:07pm

Totally agree with this blog. One is the loneliest number as all of us here are finding out. Very well said MrsHulse.  @Lisa (lost) Lamb-Agree the only 1 I want to be 2 with is gone!


At least there is more than 1 who understands here at WV. (((((HUGS TO ALL)))))

Comment by Susan B on September 28, 2011 at 6:38am

Music is a big part of my subconscious, moving through all day. a "sound track for life" so to speak.

When I saw the title one, I sort of knew what the post would be about and IMMEDiately, ..."One is the loneliest number that could ever be..."  started up in my head. SO TRUE. *sigh*


I struggle with the onesies, too--guess it's pretty universal. My biggest centers around shopping and cooking. I loved cooking for us. Homecooked meals most nights, full larder for when inspriation struck. I used to call myself "the Condiment Queen"--fridge bursting with sauces, relishes, pickles, for international cuisines, "just on case", etc. I couldn't cook for two--always had leftovers, now I can't cook for one--can't eat the leftovers fast enough. I only ccok from scratch about once a week, then scrounge leftovers, weird pastiches of food from this container and that. Lovely fresh veggies from Farmer's Market go rubbery or slimy in the bins. At least the worms in their compost bin are eating well!





Comment by Wanderer530 (Bernie) on September 27, 2011 at 11:34pm
Go your pace and honor YOUR process. (((HUGS)))
Comment by Lisa (lost) Lamb on September 27, 2011 at 2:42pm

It still amazes me that so many people can be thinking the same thing at once. I'm with you MrsHulse I hate the number 1...and the only ( 1 ) I want to be 2 with is gone! 

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