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Our 21st Wedding second one on my own

The Garden by Akiane Kramarik

We were created to celebrate life with every breathe we take
We were created to understand and find our true purpose
We were created to appreciate beauty and growth
We were created to imagine and find fulfillment in our work
We were created to leave something meaningful behind
We were created to create, not to possess

No matter what path we take in life,
Sooner or later we will come to a cross-road
From there we can either continue and journey without rest.
Or stop and take a break after a long day
Or after a long journey –
We all need a sanctuary of peace
Even though it takes an effort to build one,
Because it takes an effort to have rest
And it takes an effort to embrace silence.

There is no need to hurry and finish our journey
Because no matter what distance we cross
Each step we take is still an infinity

We need to create a small paradise
For each of us to heal
To reflect and rejuvenate

This secluded haven is for our solitude and stillness
Let the divine intervention bring light into our hearts
Nourish our souls and pour blessings all over us

It is time to sit back and empty all our worries-
We will always need rest
No matter how strong we are

Let this garden sanctuary bring us to sacred timelessness
Where human and God become one
Where our soul is lit
Our love is awakened

And our prayers are answered.

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