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Outside of our Comfort Zones: Small Victories

I was better prepared for life after Ron's death than many widows.  He died about a year ago at age 78, but his health had been deteriorating and his stamina had been decreasing for a couple of years before that.  I was also 15 years younger.  I'd always managed the finances (he joked that since he was an English major and my degree was in Math that was a no-brainer) and had gradually taken over lawn and yard maintenance, keeping the car maintained, housekeeping, etc. because he just couldn't do it anymore.

There are still some gaps, of course.  Ron always did the grilling.  For someone who hates gender stereotypes and rigid roles, I hate to admit it but I never used a gas grill.  Something about compressed combustible gas scares me.  I FINALLY had a friend walk me through the whole process a couple of months ago.  Now I feel silly that I waited that long to attempt it.  I love having stuff from the grill again!

This morning was another victory.  I maintain our church Web site and had always used a freebie program to edit pictures.  It's been changed and in order to save your work you need a paid subscription, which made it pretty useless.  I have Photoshop on the desktop Ron always used but never learned to use it.  Today I took 3 pictures, cropped and sized them, and stuck them together in a "collage" for the slideshow at the top of the Web page.  It took me almost an hour- Photoshop has a pretty steep learning curve- but I finally got the effects I wanted.  Next time will be faster!

So- what are your victories and what are you trying that's outsode of your comfort zone?

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Comment by vintage56(barb) on October 29, 2017 at 8:27am

I have always been somewhat introverted but I started volunteering at a food shelf and got promoted to team leader. I find I really enjoy it and it keeps me very busy. Big step outside of my comfort zone.

Oh, and I did my taxes all by myself this year, including schedules A & C. Frank had always done them before.

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