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I watched the waves retreat

In their wake, rainbowed foam,

Broken shells, pebbles tumbled

One lone feather lost by a seabird

For it is here that gulls come to be lonely..

I bent to pick it up, to hold, to smooth it..

Once it was part of the proud gull.

Now still itself, but what would it be?

An embellishment in a scrap book,

Or would it return to the sea?

To be tossed without purpose

For eternity?

For A moment, the feather and I were one,

No longer needed, forever alone.

I set it down and watched it ride the next wave

To the sea, tossed for a moment, carelessly.

The sun caught it for an instant

And I saw new colours I had not seen before..

And then it was gone forevermore…

Would it be seen on another shore?

Would other hands pick it up? I did not know.

I turned to leave, for me, it was time to go.

The sun and the sea saw me leave,

A grey nameless being, left to grieve.

The palms rustled, a seagull cried

A sand crab waited to catch the tide.

So, undisturbed sea life went on

And I, the stranger, I was gone.


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Comment by Callie2 on March 2, 2017 at 5:08pm
Beautiful. I could picture it well and understand the significance of the feather. Grief somehow takes us into another demension, one we did not know existed. Love your poetry!

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