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She will Never hold his hand again

She will never hear him say her name again

She will never see his boyish smile again

She will never hear him say I love you again

She will never hear him say "it's going to be ok" again

She will always love him, that is certain

She will always be thankful for having him in her life

She will never forget the happiness she felt and shared with him

She will never regret one moment of their lives together

She will always honor his memory and all that he was. He was Love and light in this harsh world. 

She will always remember he loved her, when she didn't love herself

Although She feels like she is drowning in this massive brutal ocean of grief, she somehow has the courage to do it for yet another day. 

Grief has come to sit with her.  She grieves because she loved her person  truly deeply and authentically..for all that he was

She loved, and now she grieves

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Comment by laurajay on March 8, 2019 at 2:26pm

There  will  always  be a dawning.  There will always be  the opportunity  to choose  life  while  we are living.  Memories  remain  forever  but the mind  and heart  have  an inexhaustible amount  of  room  for  new  ideas  and  for more  love to come  into our lives.   For as  long a time  that is  needed grief  will  stay  as an unwelcomed , undesired  guest  but  at the  perfect  time,  the right  time   there  will be  a  dawning...  and  in that  day  whenever  it arrives  living  life  resumes...never  the same but changed  so our hearts  and minds  can  thrive  again having  survived  the  grief  and chosen  to move  forward.

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