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So much in my heart.  So quiet in the condo.  Quietness follows me everywhere I move or go.  It is so unfair that even in my grief I could just go with my feelings of it being the 1st anniversary of his death yet I had to endure coming into the house and turning on the news and see all about Veterans at Phoenix VA hospital not being given services.  Realizing that that Feb 27t evening they turned my husband away that it actually started the writing on his death certificate because he was gone within 60 days.  Having to get an attorney to draft the statement that his life did matter and that they needed to have his name on the list.  That they would make things right?  make it right to his 91 year old mother who lost her only son buried at 67 years old.  Make it right to me with him buried so far away because I could not bury him so far away from his 90 year old mother and family.   would have been.. could have does this help me?  i miss him so much and will never in this lifetime find a soul mate, best friend, and confident who "gets me".  I am so grateful that he loved me so much and I realize everyone whose marriage was not like mine.  He made me the person I am today and I truly believe one day I will see him again.  I still have never had a dream about him with him in it.  I still feel him near to me and I hope I always will.  God bless all of us on this journey.  just one step at a day and if that is all we can do then that is enough.... AZ_Cat

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Comment by Hornet (Cindy) on August 29, 2014 at 3:37am

Hello, AZ_Cat...I hear you. Coming up on one year myself and alone as well. I will say a prayer for you today...and for me...and for all of us here. Take good care of yourself, dear.

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