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Trying to handle credit card bills not in my name.  My hair wants to stand on end.  How hard is it to work with someone really?  They are turning it over to their debt collection since he has no estate.  Regardless of the fact payments are still being made.  I hate wading thru the mumbo jumbo of stuff.  Do I want to take on the debt?  Uhhhh no.  Always got to hold out if I have to file bankruptcy.  I am trying to make things work for me and them involved as well.  Oh well I tried.  I can't feel guilty if and when bankruptcy becomes inevitable.

$60,000 in medical debt is insurmountable - even if it got paid in full how would we live after?  Don't we deserve some quality of life after this nightmare too?  One bankruptcy attorney said they can go back ten years and would get in a lot of trouble if we tried taking our names off of things in order to protect what we worked for.  It isn't my fault, the girls fault or his fault that cancer decided to attack him.

Adding insult to injury we lost him and are facing losing so much too?

Sick, sick, sick.

I feel like no matter who I call or what I try to do I get new numbers to call and more things to worry about.  This nightmare just doesn't end.

On the agenda tonight - a nice long cry.  I miss him so very much and wonder why this couldn't have been me instead of him?  He is the one the knew how to handle all this paperwork type stuff.  I'm winging it and not having much luck.

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Comment by Morgana (Janet) on September 19, 2013 at 4:18am

(((Bank_Lady))).  Your doing the best you can't and this isn't an easy journey.  Just remember to be gentle and kind to yourself.

Comment by Lori on September 18, 2013 at 3:36pm

I was there last year with the calls and collections then one fine women informed me i didn't need to pay of this debt if the cards were in his name as primary, she connected me to their  Bereavement  department, they helped me sort things out it was very helpful, hang in i know these days are tough.  All i wanted to do at that time was run away to an island somewhere and be left alone!  peace it does get better.

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