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Survived My First Valentine's Day Since

      I thank God everyday for my children.   They have been so incredibly strong for me and the love I have for them is so deep that words are inadequate and pale.   Thanks to them, Valentine's Day weekend was not only bearable but actually enjoyable.   Saturday was spent in the North Carolina Mountains, antiquing and having lunch, then pizza and a movie that night.  Valentine's Day was spent being together and making grilled Reuben sandwiches at home for supper.   My husband loved my grilled Reubens, he always said they were better than any he ever ordered at a restaurant.  I won't make them for myself, but my children love them also so it was a real treat.

     My husband and I really didn't get into the whole going out for fancy Valentine's Day dinners, not liking the crowds and waiting.   We preferred to stay in and I would cook one of his favorite dinners and we would enjoy being in each other's company.  He loved Italian dishes, lasagna, chicken parmigiana and many others.  I miss cooking for him.  Cooking for me is not a challenge since I like most everything. My husband, however, was very discriminating, ok, let's just be honest, he was a very picky eater. He had told me ten years or so ago, that he had never liked his mother's cooking.  I considered it an honor that he loved mine and didn't hesitate to tell everyone that he did.  Over thirty five years, he learned to love many foods that he wouldn't touch in the early years of our marriage.   My husband believed in keeping the cook happy.  He kept me in nice kitchens with big TVs and all the gadgets my heart ever desired.   I love cooking with a glass of wine and a favorite movie on the side.   My husband, however, was also happy to "cook dinner" by taking us out whenever I wanted to go.   He always wanted me to pick the restaurant which was so sweet and funny since I wasn't the picky one and just enjoyed being able to go out.  

       One more major first alone day this year, our anniversary, which will come this fall.   My husband told me to "live my life" and I am beginning to get a sense of what he meant.   Until we meet again, my love.... 


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Comment by Ladybug on February 20, 2016 at 12:47pm
It never gets any easier, or at least it hasn't for me yet. It's been my 3rd Valentines Day without my love. I was married to my best friend just a few days shy of 36 yrs. I just sent you a friend request. I think we have a lot in common even if we do live across the country from each other. Hang in there!
Comment by Callie2 on February 15, 2016 at 12:56pm
Sunfeathers, Whenever you have a good day, enjoy it! Your children sound very special. I have a son, DIL, and their three, my grandchildren, who had helped me through the dark days. Wishing you many more of those good days--may you find your peace very soon.

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