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My roses  8th November 2013 

Thank you ALL for your comments about The Journey poem.  It just poured out of me yesterday. Feeling as if I was in an invisible bubble  when at an Art Festival.  Everybody holding hands, families at play on the oval... only me walking around on my own. Have just had an email from a friend  which gave me a sense of peace. This is it.  I did not want to feel this sorrow for years.  I still love and always will love my Wes, but felt it may be nice to have somebody who cared about me.  But did not want to jeapardise my reunion with him.  This statement is very powerful:

The eternal Covenant Companion relationship is not jeopardized or annulled by remarrying after the loved one has gone on to Heaven. God knows who belongs together for eternity and it's safe in His hands. He understands our need for some form of companionship on this earth. The Bible is very clear that one should only seek to marry someone of true faith.

Wes and I also did our Wedding Vows again with a special covenant added before God. This was in September 2012 just 4 months before he passed away.  A friend had a beautiful home by a river - she agreed as a Minister to witness our vows. We had also put the verses about Love is patient love is kind into our text.  She also had chosen these words  - although we had not told her this. We then had an afternoon tea on the terrace which she had made for us.  Took some lovely photos with Wes looking amazingly well after having a special procedure done - allowing him to walk again and drive me down to her home.  Some of these photos are on my roses page.

I know another widow here in Australia who said they had done their wedding  vows again as her husband  had been ill.  He also passed away. I know some of us here have done so too.  I think this ceremony is  a wonderful thing to have done before our  beloved left.  Another pledge, another tying of the knot which we shared.  Just making it even more sure after the years it had been in use.  Another recognition of what marriage really means and  how we are one flesh,  and maybe in a sense one mind and one soul.  Please share your story about doing your vows again if you wish!  


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