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On Friday afternoon I drove S and M to meet the bus that would deliver them to their weekend camp experience.  They would be attending a camp designated for children who have lost a parent, sibling or grandparent.


S has been excited and a bit nervous anticipating this end to summer adventure.  M has been mostly angry about being sent.  So much so that she wouldn't even look at me, say goodbye or allow me to give her a hug.  And then S began to cry, so you can imagine the emotions flowing.  A counselor reassured me that she was fine and would have a good time  Everyone waving goodbye from the parking lot was in tears as the bus headed for Malibu.


I'm not sure how I drove home.  I know my sunglasses were continually fogging from the gallons of tears streaming down my face.  Feelings of anger that I sent them away were building through my shoulders.  Thoughts that maybe I shouldn't have made them go filled my head.  Did I do the right thing?  I hate that this is the camp I have to send them to.  Should I drive to Malibu to retrieve them and bring them home? 

...then N phoned and it calmed me down a bit, which was timely as I was about to enter the 110 Friday rush hour traffic through downtown on the way to Pasadena.  My navigation skills a bit more alert after, but I just wanted to get home, change and hurry to the late Friday restorative yoga class.


As I pulled into the driveway, I saw two packages at the front door.  A huge feeling of relief came over me as I hoped that one was the eagerly anticipated uniforms for S.  This year finds her in all new styles and we have been concerned that with school beginning on Wednesday that they haven't been delivered sooner.  Indeed the large package was the much needed delivery from Land's End.  There was another smaller box as well, but from an address I did not recognize.  No return name, just an address.


As I opened it, I could not imagine what was inside, but I was a bit excited.  Inside were three pouches from the jewelry company Alex and Ani, a book about their company and a letter for  me.


Dear Janet

I have seen you wear a Claddagh bracelet from Alex and Ani.  I find these bracelets to be inspirational for me to wear too.  The book has stories of why people wear theirs.  I have sent you the Compass to guide you, the Path of Life to inspire you and the rose beads because I know you love pink.  There is also a catalog of other charms in the book.  Wear in good health,


(A Dear Friend!)



The Claddagh bracelet she refers to that I do wear time and again was a gift from Bob, purchased while we were in Santa Monica a few years back.  It has always been one of my favorite symbols and I had always wished that we had gotten matching wedding bands with this emblem.  The book that was sent describes the Claddagh as follows:

... the characteristics of this design are associated with the virtues of love, loyalty and friendship.  Wear the Claddagh charm to draw in your heart's desires.




Then I looked up the other two charms sent by my sweet friend.

The Compass Charm is for Direction and Transition.  A compass provides guidance and navigation through life's unexpected twists and turns.  Each cardinal direction has a significant meaning.  North represents home and infinite possibility.  South embodies passion and the present.  East signifies new beginnings and the future.  West symbolizes emotion.  Wear the Compass Charm to guide you in the right direction.


The Path of Life Charm is for Strength, Motivation and Knowledge.  Emblematic of life's zenith and nadir moments, the Path of Life is representative of an infinite number of possibilities and expression of love.  Illustrating life's twists and turns, and unexpected winds, wear the Path of Life Charm to proudly celebrate your own willingness to travel towards life's fruitful moments.


I can only try.


What a timely gift and delivery.

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Comment by Morgana (Janet) on August 25, 2013 at 6:35am

What a wonderful gift to receive from a friend.

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