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The Unconditional Love Of The Living or Dying Spouse......

Here Goes!!!!!! In my journey with my wonderful wife, i was taught and trained in many things , i had never learned, and some i had never heard of.. I won't go into any except this one, and it is probably the hardest.... Each of us whether our spouse was taken suddenly or a declining passing, know who we lived with, their wishes, their wants , their needs , their desires, and to me what they wanted for us as well as what we would want  for them in their absence in body.. My wife was diagnosed with a stage 4 glioblastoma brain tumor , inoperable, with a 6 month death sentence.. We chose no chemo or radiation, as her quality of life was the most important of all, as we knew it was aggressive.. We tried many natural protocols, but all failed.. We talked about her passing on many occasions and the last time we talked about it she had became paralyzed on one side, she was trying to tell me something that day, and finally got out what she had said many times before ... I want you to be Happy, i want you to love again, it took her 4 hours to say this of repeated trying, and i finally got it through the speech she was imparting to me. This , to me is unconditional love, a love someone wishes for the one left behind, a love imparted to and from each , she made me promise, and i did .. But the thing i never said nor never imagined was the "When" of it all.. I see now it takes time to grieve, i see now, hearts have to mend, to create a special place for that unconditional love of someone so unselfish in their last days ,months or years that will never be with you again in body.. That even in death she gave me Her Unconditional Love.. Her blessings to move forward, Her wishes for my Happiness and Future.. So now after one year and almost one month, i still grieve , i still plan to honor my word , if not in this life , in the  one to come with My Unconditional Love... For now i know that happiness sometimes includes grief, and suffering but that also is a part of that unconditional Love... Just one of many things i have learned through grief that i really didn't want to learn.... For me this is my partial definition of OUR Unconditional Love . Each of us has our own definition and experiences of it , i know this for that Love is what brought us here seeking answers to questions never asked before..

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Comment by TG (Trudi) on February 4, 2015 at 11:44am
Beautiful words straight from the heart ((((hug))))
Comment by detour on February 2, 2015 at 3:49am

Well said!   Your powerful words give me and hopefully everyone here the strength to move forward in this new untraveled path.

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