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There were so many things my husband loved.


Awards shows.


Music shows.

Things I don't watch anymore.

Glee.  Oscars.  So You Think You Can Dance.  Dancing With The Stars.

I don't watch them because I want to share them with him.  I go to tell him something, even after all this time.   And then... the hurt hits.  My heart hurts.  I remember what I've lost.

After 32 months.  I still get hit in the chest by the pain of losing him.

I'm deliberately watching the Oscars tonight.

I am on purpose watching a show that was something he and I watched together.

I am not wallowing, but I am letting the pain wash over me.   I am breathing through the sadness.  I am feeling it.

I have heard/read somewhere that in order to let something go, you must first have a hold of it.

I can't let go of the pain, I can't move past the pain, I can't leave the pain behind if I don't FEEL the pain.

The well of pain is deep and at times seems limitless.   But I know as time goes by, as I move through each wave of pain, as I learn to swim in the deep ocean of grief... it becomes easier.   Not consistently, but it does.  There are times I'm drowning, but there are times when I feel the pain...and I let it go.

Slowly... I'm getting better at the letting go.   Slowly.

In the meantime... I make choices as to when I wish to submerge myself in that pain... sometimes... so I can learn to swim.

Grief Is Like the Ocean

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Comment by Belinda on February 24, 2015 at 7:17am

Hi Jane. That was brave of you. Congratulations. One of the things that I miss about my husband, is taking care of all the handyman thinks that need to be done. I sometime breakdown in tears when I need to handle something that my husband would have done. Now I have to depend on others and technicians to handle. I am presently waiting for a technician to come and program my garage door opener for me. I attempted, but I am too short and do not have a ladder tall enough.

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