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Hi I’m new to the group. I lost my husband May 29,2019 after 48 years of marriage. I keep hoping it will get easier but it’s not some days it’s worse. Some of the things I have read on here have already made me know I’m not crazy. Thank you 

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My wife would have been 90 today.  It's been 10 years.

Hi Don I’m so sorry for you loss. I hope you are doing okay. Do you some family around you?

No Judy .  I don't have any family living here.  If you were ever up this way I'd enjoy taking you to lunch or dinner

Hi sorry to hear you lost your wife ... how long were you married? I lost my hubby a couple of months ago..9/11/19 and I still can not adjust to the fact I can't discuss things with him so I just do  'all the talking'  now :)...somehow that helps..I have a photo of him with a very familiar expression and I talk to him that way. I still have his ashes and plan to have them scattered in the Gulf 

Take care...take care of yourself..God Bless

Hi Judyrose...My hubby died 9/11/19 after 50 years of marriage... so I sort of relate..My condolences to you,,,I keep trying to remember what I have heard so often..each person is different and we grieve in our own unique way...but I can relate to feeling crazy too after some of the thoughts I have or things I is like no other loss I have ever had in my life...Take care  God Bless

Welcome Judyrose, those of of us here understand, I agree some days are better some are worse. This has been an especially hard Christmas as some physical problems prevented me from getting any decorations down from the attic. I feel like I just shut down and am waiting for the holiday to be over. I live in an area where I have no family and not really any good friends. so really feel the loneliness.  and I may be being picky this year but the few presents i did receive where not things I would have chosen.  I do have an invite for a late dinner today so have that to look forward to.

HUGS to you and to all in this group, I hope you are able to have a peaceful day.


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